Nicholas Fondacaro
Associate Editor

We finally got an answer to the question of whether or not Chris “Fredo” Cuomo would be making a return to television. On Thursday, the fired CNN host launched a new podcast called The Chris Cuomo Project, a “collaborative enterprise” where he can be more “real” and “authentic” without having stories “massaged to stay on message, no one is telling me to stay on a story even if I think it’s been run into the ground. Nobody is going to encourage the stoking of flames I believe should be smothered.”

With the announcement Thursday that President Biden has COVID comes the naked double standard in how the liberal media treat an ill Republican president. In a perfect example, The View gave Biden a “get well soon dude,” meanwhile they angrily denounced how then-President Trump was receiving "privileged treatment" "at taxpayer expense" and compared him to a dictator.

On Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning America, ABC chief anchor George Stephanopoulos lauded a group of Democratic governors gathering in New York City who wanted to tackle “gun violence” by plotting to slam gun manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits suggesting they were to blame for crime and murders in their cities. He called their work “critical” and thanked them for it.

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg is known to partake in a little puff-puff-pass. But she may have hotboxed her dressing room on Wednesday as she outrageously suggested Justice Clarence Thomas was leading the U.S. Supreme Court in a charge to overturn Loving v. Virginia and abolish interracial marriage (despite the fact he’s in an interracial marriage). She even suggested that former President Trump didn’t really nominate the three justices he put on the bench.

22-year-old Indiana resident and legal gun carrier Elisjsha Dicken became a hero Sunday night after he drew his firearm and neutralized a mass shooter. Certainly, a hero in the eyes of any sensible person. But in the eyes of most of the cast of ABC’s The View on Tuesday, he was just as bad as the mass shooter. They smeared him and falsely claimed he “broke the law” by carrying his gun into the mall. They even denied that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.

NewsBusters was first on the scene last week when ABC’s The View peddled disinformation suggesting Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was scamming his donors with an auto-donate feature on his website. And in a press conference on Monday, DeSantis addressed the false accusations saying “they were lying about that,” and denounced the practice of campaigns automatically setting up recurring donations as “definitely wrong.”

With President Biden back from his trip to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil (instead of increasing domestic production like his predecessor), the cast of ABC’s The View (with the exception of Sunny Hostin) manned the ramparts to defend him from those on the left who decried his fist bump greeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). As part of this defense, co-host Whoopi Goldberg suggested the overturning of Roe v. Wade meant the U.S. opposed women just like Saudi Arabia.

The Friday after the National Review published a scathing article calling out The View’s faux “conservative” Alyssa Farah Griffin, she showed her true blue colors as she falsely accused Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of scamming his supporters with a recurring donation “grift.” This was backed up by co-host Sunny Hostin asserting, without evidence, that “people are losing their homes” to his scam.

With inflation at a 40-year-high because of President Biden’s runaway spending early in his administration, the liberal cast of The View came out Thursday with the singular mission of gaslighting their viewers on the reason why they’re struggling to make ends meet. With them blaming everything from Congress to the pandemic to climate change, co-host Whoopi Goldberg demanded to know “what do you want him to do?!” and unironically told viewers “don't let people BS you.”

Things got emotionally heated during ABC’s The View on Wednesday aas co-host Whoopi Goldberg raged at the Austin American-Statesman newspaper out of Texas after they published a leaked surveillance video from inside the Uvalde elementary school during the massacre. Yelling at the camera, Goldberg spit at the paper (or at least pretended to) and demanded to know “what the hell” they were thinking by leaving in the sound of gunshots (while also initially leaving in the sounds of crying and screaming children).