Climate Fearmongers Run Into Snowy Delays As They Fly Private Jets To Desert Meeting

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 3, 2023
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After years of devious, unsupportable, government-subsidized (i.e. tax-subsidized) propaganda designed to generate apocalyptic fear and support for immoral, unconstitutional, economically backwards edicts ranging from windfarm and electric vehicle subsidies, to bans on lightbulbs, is it possible that a larger proportion of the American (if not world) population is waking up to the dark fraud the “anthropogenic climate crisis” scammers have been pulling?

After exposure for their hypocritical use of private jets, like the “Flying Squirrel” that John Kerry found so much fun, and Diesel generators to power their electric limos at a previous “Climate Conference” in Scotland; after exposure of some of their data manipulation and outlandishly false claims regarding catastrophic sea-level-rise and fearmongering over arctic ice sheets that, SHOCK, didn’t disappear as they had predicted; after their hypocritical use of air conditioning and “greenwashing” photo-op stunts where politicians stood near bicycles they didn’t use at previous desert “Climate Change” confabs, and following the exposure of cozy relationships between US politicians and “electric bus” companies that made unusable products, is it correct to surmise that more of us victims of the grift are circulating the word about these frauds?

Yes. It is.

After all, on Sunday, December 3, at noon ET, as the term “#ClimateScam” was trending on Twitter/X, numerous people also were noting that large portions of Europe were experiencing enough cold and snow to shut down Munich Airport – delaying any of those stuffed-shirts who were going to fly their private jets to Dubai, UAE, for this week’s “COP 28” climate fearmongering singalong.

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Indeed, posting video from around Munich, Nahel Belgherze wrote on Twitter/X:

“With 44 cm left on the ground this morning, Munich, Germany has officially experienced its biggest December snowstorm on record.”

Which might inspire a lot of folks to remember that if the Climate Cult were to hold its confab in Europe, rather than the desert of Dubai, at this time of the year, the “visuals” of snow-covered lanes and grounded planes might not lend the right propagandistic patina to the event.

Instead, they choose to jet to the hot Middle East, where they can pose on their preferred theatrical stage, hold air-conditioned press conferences for dupe “reporters,” and tell people to embrace carbon taxes, government imposed “austerity,” and fascist subsidies for ventures we would never find worth our voluntary private investment.

Pay no attention to climate reality. Don’t tell the Climate Cult that, responding to claims that Thanksgiving would never be the same due to their fraudulent bogeyman of “anthropogenic climate apocalypse,” I recently wrote for MRCTV:

“In fact, since 1979, satellite temperature data (the kind that doesn’t see thermometers placed on airport tarmacs or next to air-conditioner exhaust vents) reveals ZERO statistically significant temperature increase or “accelerating” temp-increase trend.”

Overlook the frozen airport. Pay no heed to their faulty predictions, and don’t mind their attempts to seize land, control businesses, invade our privacy, destroy forests, shift auto-making and home heater businesses into non-productive “electric” lines, and simply continue their lies.

In this world of “perceptions” and “messaging” and “optics” we would be showing great disrespect to our “betters” if we continue to question their mendacious messaging. We daren’t welcome more skeptics and friends who embrace peace, truth, and freedom.

We should shut up, “eat-eh ze bugz,” break our lightbulbs, and stop traveling, while they jet to Dubai despite the snowy delays.

How about, instead, we keep spreading the word, and, in honor of the weather in Europe, give them the cold shoulder?