Actor Laurence Fox Arrested For Standing Against Leftist Climate 'ULEZ' Surveillance

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 5, 2023
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Leftist City of London Mayor Sadiq Kahn’s rabid push to impose “Ultra-Low Emission Zones” (ULEZ) on residents of London and politically-subservient suburbs took a big jack-booted step forward yesterday, as six police officers entered liberty-promoting actor and commentator Laurence Fox’s home to arrest him for his public statements opposing the mass ULEZ surveillance system.

Live-streaming the home-invasion and government theft of his and his daughter’s phones, Fox said, in part:

“Look how many coppers there are in my house. Look at them. Coming to steal everything out of my house. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the country that we live in.”

Expanding on that initial 13-second live broadcast, and as what the Beatles might have called “the Blue Meanies” rummaged and made noise, he added a second stream, observing, in part:

“Morning, guys. In London’s knife-ridden capitol city, where a fifteen-year-old girl was stabbed to death with a sword, you’ve got one, two – you can show ‘em – one, two, another three, upstairs, stealing, going through my house, to intimidate me, because, erm, this is what the police are, they don’t police with consent any more, they police with fear and intimidation. That is the Stasi police force that we’ve got nowadays. Instead of being on the streets, solving crimes like the murder of a poor fifteen-year-old girl, they’re all over social media.”

And, to be certain viewers understood the pressing net of government surveillance – and the tyrannical, deceitful, fine-imposing, life-restricting, Climate-Cult fascism behind it, Mr. Fox correctly added:

“The ULEZ scan-cameras outside London – the outer ULEZ Zone – is a complete scam, there’s no scientific evidence…”

And many people, worldwide, wholeheartedly agree. As I noted in August, for MRCTV:

“For months, freedom-backers have watched as London Mayor Sadiq Kahn used government-grabbed money to buy and install nearly 3,000 so-called ULEZ cameras – ULEZ standing for ‘Ultra-Low Emission Zones’ -- and now, locals are fighting back.”

They tried to fight in courts, but those are highly politicized ( i.e, it's the government “guarding” against itself) of course:

“Local London boroughs have tried to battle Kahn in court, and, as Arthur Parashar reported last week for The Daily Mail online, they lost, meaning that these surveillance systems not only will watch where, when, and what parks all over what the Romans called 'Londinium,' the government, like the occupying Romans, will punish people if they don’t comply with the bureaucratic ‘road diets’ or don’t avoid the parking spaces that citizen taxes paid to create.”

Only certain, government-preferred, vehicles are allowed in the Ultra-Low Emission Zones, and, in that August MRCTV piece, I added that locals who want to be free of the encroaching government restrictions and surveillance -- free from the government money-grabs and Climate-Cult lies – were calling themselves “Blade Runners” and engaging in civil disobedience, pulling down the ULEZ cams and promising to continue the fight, a fight that really started under former City of London Mayor, Boris Johnson:

Ronan Glon spelled out the situation very clearly for Autoblog on August 16, providing video of the ease with which the Blade Runners work, and noting that Kahn’s moves actually follow the establishment of the surveillance program under Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London in 2015…”

Living in Croydon, on the edge of London, Mr. Fox knows well the area and the local people, and he knows that Kahn’s charlatanism and tyranny go hand-in-hand. Thus, a few days ago when appearing on the popular Maajid Nawaz podcast, he openly stated not only his support for the Blade Runners, but his willingness to pull down the imposed surveillance cams, as well.

“I encourage them (the Blade Runners) to tear down every single camera there is, and, erm, I will, I will be joining them to tear down cameras as well, because I’m one of those people that puts my money where my mouth is.”

Police appear to be citing Fox under “suspicion to commit criminal mischief,” which is the kind of open-ended, comically Orwellian term that seems drawn straight from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s playbook as he plagued local tax-protester Robin Hood in the Midlands.

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Mr. Fox has been cut from his GB News gig, as has his friend and fellow freedom-promoter, Anglican Deacon Calvin Robinson, and both are holding firm to their devotion to freedom and the principles of the Magna Carta.

And this fight – for privacy, against money-grabbing surveillance impositions, and for the truth about the bogus Climate Cult and its hordes of manipulative, politically-funded pseudoscientists who insist on changing data and have been caught making surreptitious plans to do so? Well, this battle truly does harken to important history-making periods in British history.

The imposition of the ULEZ cams might remind some observers that, hundreds of years ago, British royals imposed on commoners what was called “The Enclosure Movement,” by which various seatings of Parliament and numerous Kings destroyed the ancient British land-use system developed by the Angles, the Saxons, and the Celts. This system of farming, local respect for familial property holdings, and ease-ways created by neighborly association that allowed passage across the landscape, was utterly smashed by the elites in London, and replaced by newly-built stone walls and the introduction of sheep-raising and wool harvesting, pushing out local farming.

The elites tied to Kahn – both in England and in the globalist halls of the EU, World Economic Forum, NATO, the World Health Organization, the US White House, and the UN, mimic the elitist minds of their forebears – and the locals are suffering.

Now, Fox is emerging as the most recognizable – and, perhaps, most vocal – supporter of the locals.

The fight has just begun.