Modern Robin Hoods Fight London's 'Emissions Zone' Cameras

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 29, 2023
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The battle between heroic traditional Brits and collectivist globalists bent on technocratic control is ramping up. It got hot during the sabotaged Brexit attempt, and now is becoming more heated (pun intended) as innocent English citizens struggle against both Climate Cult fearmongering and the insane “policies” those elitist tyrants try to impose.

This fall, the fervent and feverish members of cultish group “Just Stop Oil” plan widespread disruption of everything from sporting activities to basic functions like road travel, intent as they are to amplify stunts that already have seen their members block young moms trying to get infants to hospital. And their powerful political allies are using taxpayer cash in attempts to control and harass those taxpayers even more.

For months, freedom-backers have watched as London Mayor Sadiq Kahn used government-grabbed money to buy and install nearly 3,000 so-called ULEZ cameras – ULEZ standing for “Ultra-Low Emission Zones” -- and now, locals are fighting back.

Local London boroughs have tried to battle Kahn in court, and, as Arthur Parashar reported last week for The Daily Mail online, they lost, meaning that these surveillance systems not only will watch where, when, and what parks all over what the Romans called 'Londinium,' the government, like the occupying Romans, will punish people if they don’t comply with the bureaucratic “road diets” or don’t avoid the parking spaces that citizen taxes paid to create.

Only certain, government-preferred, vehicles are allowed in the Ultra-Low Emission Zones, of course…

But, despite Kahn and his Climate Cult claiming government-vs-government victories in court, courageous individuals are taking matters into their own hands.

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Writes Neil Lancefield, for The Evening Standard:

“Nearly 300 crimes relating to London’s ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) cameras have been recorded, police said.

Vigilantes opposed to the huge expansion of the scheme have targeted enforcement cameras installed by Transport for London (TfL).

They describe themselves as Blade Runners, often cutting the cameras’ wires or completely removing the devices.”

The science-fiction reference is apt, since this vast monitoring-for-punishment system is reminiscent of what one might have seen in dystopian films or read in similarly themed novels, but it’s important to keep in mind that this is not an abstract proposal. It’s a real-world attempt to punish and change behavior, behavior that creates no victims, and which sees agents of the state arbitrarily claim that certain innocent activity is “bad”, akin to a sin against the state and its religion of climate controls.

The High Priests of Climate and Communism are turning all of London into a giant hive – a temple to their false idol of so-called “Climate Change” protection – even though they repeatedly have been exposed for making up the scary climate narrative.

“Some 2,750 cameras are being installed in new areas the zone will cover once it is extended to include the whole of the capital from August 29.”

But the spirit of rebellion is rising, and the creative Blade Runners will not be deterred.

Writes Lancefield:

“Commander Owain Richards of the Metropolitan Police said: ‘These are clearly unacceptable acts of criminality and we have a team of officers investigating and identifying those responsible.’”

Of course, such a claim might strike many Londoners as upside-down, given the fact that the Commander’s salary comes through government threats applied to taxpayers and that the ULEZ monitors not only exist via the same tax system, they are enforcing statutes that punish people who have not harmed other people.

It seems as if Mr. Richards doesn’t understand the power imbalance here, and who is threatening and harming whom.

And his claim to “identify” those sabotaging or removing the ULEZ surveillance cams rings hollow, as well, since many of the local heroes are masked or they even pose as repairmen, as one photo of a saboteur showed last week. The government power to identify the culprits will decrease as the freedom-fighters’ skills increase, and anyone familiar with guerilla warfare can attest to the fact that the locals know much better than the bureaucrats and invaders how to work around the systems the invaders try to impose.

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Ronan Glon spelled out the situation very clearly for Autoblog on August 16, providing video of the ease with which the Blade Runners work, and noting that Kahn’s moves actually follow the establishment of the surveillance program under Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London in 2015, and writing:

“Calling on law enforcement officials to keep track of who drives what into the ULEZ wouldn't be realistic, so government officials set up a network of thousands of cameras that scan every car's registration number to access emissions-related information, such as the registration date and the engine it's powered by. If the vehicle isn't compliant, the system automatically sends a £12.50 (about $16) fine to the registered owner. As explained by The Drive, the cameras operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week with the exception of Christmas.”

Well, at least there’s Christmas…

“It's this system that the Blade Runners are fighting back against.

‘We don't want this. It's a way to try to restrict our movements. F*** them. It will not happen, because we haven't done anything to deserve it,’ an anonymous Blade Runners member told British newspaper Daily Mail.”

And they will not be stopped. In the spirit of Robin Hood – who did not “steal from the rich to give to the poor”, but, rather, was an energetic and heroic tax protester, taking back from corrupt government what its agents took from his neighbors – the Blade Runners will continue to engage in their peaceful sabotage of the Kahn aggression.

It truly is like something from a film. But it’s real, and the agents of the government really will do damage to people’s lives with the system and the fines for non-compliance.

Those of us who watch from afar can recognize the collectivist mindset of the Blade Runners’ adversaries and see that the ideology is not isolated to England. It’s not fiction, and it could be in a neighborhood near you, soon, if we don’t help spread the word about the mythology promulgated by the Climate Cult, and the deeper problem of allowing government to control so much of our local towns.

Allow private property owners to run their local areas, and see how much more they respond to their own needs and the desires of people who want to visit and engage them in commerce.