UK Climate Cult Radicals Plan Massive Autumn 'Anti-Oil' Protests

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 8, 2023
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In a move running counter to suggestions in the classic Dale Carnegie book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” and, evidently unsatisfied with angering millions by blocking a young mom from getting her baby to a London hospital, the radical Climate Cult group “Just Stop Oil” appears to be planning massively disruptive protests in England this fall.

The Daily Mail UK reports that the anti-oil, climate-fearmongering protesters intend to trespass onto Premier League soccer match grounds and glue or zip-tie themselves to goal posts during some of the biggest sporting events of the year -- which undoubtedly will bring many people over to their cause and inspire many to dutifully agree with their unsupported climate fear propaganda.

And it gets better.

“Protesters from the radical eco-group are also planning to descend on the capital and bring city streets to a standstill for three weeks from October 29.

The group claims that police and courts will be 'overwhelmed' if more than 3,000 Just Stop Oil supporters are arrested for blocking roads during the demonstrations.

Just Stop Oil's latest plot follows 13 weeks of relentless slow-march protests and high-profile disruptions throughout June and July.” 

MRCTV recently reported on the troubling inhuman display of Just Stop Oil radicals slow-walking on a road headed to London, as a young lady emerged from the passenger side of a car to tell them she was trying to get her infant baby to the hospital.

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The radicals did not change their behavior.

Which is a telling display of the “greater good” mentality many of the cultists embrace – that callous, individual-defying mindset that sees many, if not most, collectivists deny the integrity, rights, and importance of the individual, in favor of some abstract “greatest good for the greatest number” utilitarianism that sees THEM define that which is “good” and what number gets to be the focus of their beneficence.

They deny truth. They deny morality. They deny the bedrock reality of individuals being the ones who have to determine what they think is beneficial to their lives and then to be able to express their values through market purchases and choices.

Instead, they want to cause problems for people, even put their lives at risk, and, as noted at MRCTV in our coverage of that poor mom, many politicians and “urban planners” do the same in more subtle, bureaucratic ways. They might not brazenly glue themselves to goal posts, or interrupt road traffic with their own bodies, but they will reorganize road traffic, change patterns, close lanes to enact what they call “road diets,” and impose all kinds of burdens on industries – even those that make light bulbs – to reshape the world according to their OWN preferred pattern, and our lives suffer because of it.

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Like the politicians, the climate radicals will not stop. But the politicians and their bureaucratic acolytes hide their radicalism behind “official regulations” and “rules” that they keep expanding, and which many people blithely accept.

As it is with many who see how ludicrous the climate radicals are when they glue themselves to Porsche showroom floors, so, too, it can be for citizens seeing the government moves, if they see that the government only operates through blocking their own personal choices and taking their money.

If more people saw those lost opportunities, they would see the insanity of government-based climate radicals who harm us and pull away our choices, all the time.

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