German 'Scientists' Glue Themselves To Floor Of Porsche Showroom

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 24, 2022
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With operatives like these, one wonders how it’s possible for the “Anthropogenic Climate Change” Cult to continue its long series of data-bent, logic-defying, economics-insulting, and freedom-denying narratives in pursuit of “Carbon Taxes,” ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) “Credit Scores” and mythological “decarbonization” that will (and already are, in some locales) drastically harm the living standards of millions.

Perhaps they keep getting away with it because the pop media don’t look critically at what they do and at the errant claims they use as “justifications.”

The latest, and most hilarious, example comes to us from the Porsche Pavilion in Wolfsburg, Germany, a place where the legendary auto maker places many of its new Porsche and Volkswagen models on display. And the example comes to us by way of nine self-proclaimed “scientists” (we’ll see what one’s conception of “scientist” is) who tried to make a point about so-called “fossil fuels” and “Climate Change” by gluing themselves to the floor.

They made a point, alright. In fact, they made a few points – all of which reflect poorly on their own judgment, their unfounded fears, and on their arrogance, arrogance which seems endemic to the Climate Fear Cult.

As Olivia Burke reports for the Sun:

“ECO-ZEALOTS who glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen dealership moaned they couldn't use the toilet or get food after staff went home.

Unimpressed employees at the showroom in Germany locked the doors, switched off the lights and dialed down the heating at the end of the working day.”

All of which seems like a microcosm of the larger problem for Germany, in general.

As I reported October 3, for MRCTV, the German government (including former Chancellor Andrea Merkel and the majority in power) years ago set about a disastrous path away from cheap, portable, storable, efficient oil, natural gas, and coal, towards what the Climate Cult oft-call “renewables.” Thanks to embracing the anti-economics and anti-liberty mindsets of people like these “scientists,” the German autocrats set about a scheme to, as The Guardian said in 2011:

“…to double the share of renewable energy to 35 percent of consumption in 2020, 50 percent in 2030, 65 percent in 2040, and more than 80 percent in 2050. At the same time, the chancellor vows to cut CO2 emissions (compared to 1990 levels) by 40 percent in 2020, by 55 percent in 2030, and by more than 80 percent in 2050.”


The anti-carbon craziness has been so pronounced in Germany that many officials glued themselves to these plans and more, resulting in the leftists at The Guardian noting that the gub-ment there was becoming:

“…the world's most important laboratory of ‘green growth.’ No other country belonging to the G20 club of economic powers has a comparable agenda.”

But, see, what lefties at The Guardian and political edict-pushers never seem to grasp is that there is no such thing as economic “growth” via the polis (government). Economic growth is a function of competition, productivity, and free market valuation, allowing people to decide what betters their lives and spend their earnings or invest accordingly. The state only can steal, mandate, and redistribute wealth, limiting choices and giving certain sectors, businesses, or ideologies the façade of “growth” when such growth is unnatural, akin to economic cancer pulling resources away from where they normally would have flowed.

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And, on the subject of “flow,” the so-called “scientists” not only don’t have a grasp on economics, nor on the fact that the “Anthropogenic Climate Change” fearmongering is precisely that (on which I have written extensively, see examples here and here), they didn’t even think-through their strategy.

As auto expert Eric Peters writes:

“Porsche left the ‘scientists’ – in air fingers quotes to make another point, about what has become of science in our time – to sit, glued to the floor, in the cold and dark. Which the ‘scientists’ bemoaned, failing to grasp the irony of this.

‘(They) have turned off the heating,’ wailed one of the ‘scientists,’ Gianluca Grimalda. Who is a ‘social psychology researcher.’”

And – still on the subject of “flow” – as their bladders filled, as the room got colder, they didn’t seem to understand that modern conveniences like interior heat and sanitation require energy – energy that is most efficiently and safely provided by carbon-based fuels.

And they also seem to have overlooked the fact that the “superglue” they use is, to say the least, very “energy-intensive.” As I reported in April of this year when a gaggle of British protesters glued themselves to buildings:

“But did these ‘concerned scientists’ consider the environmental message they were sending? After all, if they were using one of the two most popular forms of super-glue (those being Krazy Glu and Loctite), they were using products that contain cyanoacrylate (C5N5NO2), and ChemistryIsLife tells us an interesting combo of history and chemistry to tell about that neat molecule.

‘Dr. Harry Coover invented superglue in 1949. He was trying to make a plastic to form gun sights. He gave up on cyanoacrylate because it was too sticky. In 1951, he realized cyanoacrylates potential as a commercial adhesive. Super Glue, or cyanoacrylate, is manufactured in factories.’

Uh-oh. This sounds foreboding for the stick-it-to-em protesters…

‘To make superglue, cyanoacetate is put in an airtight kettle and mixed with formaldehyde.’

Oh, man. That’s not very environmentally friendly.”

And I added this info:

’Water is given off when the cyanoacetate and formaldehyde react, and the kettle is heated to evaporate this water.’

Which, as we have been told by the Climate Cult, is a contributor to the upcoming Climate Apocalypse. Water vapor keeps heat in the atmosphere. Oh, no…

‘After the water is evaporated, cyanoacetate remains, but it is solid (in polymer form.) Any air in the kettle is replaced with nitrogen because nitrogen will not polymerize the cyanoacrylate. Then, the mixture is heated to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit—'

WHAT? Heat? That requires energy, and, usually, something to burn that gives off…

Oh, shudder to think…


‘--it becomes liquid (polymers split into monomers) and any remaining water is evaporated and separated, leaving liquid cyanoacetate, also known as superglue.’

So those Porche/Volskwagen protesters were advertising a product that will bring about CLIMATE APOCALYPSE!

But why try to make sense to the senseless?

As I noted in my previous story about the dumb, centrally-planned, German energy and economic collapse, Germans now are so desperate for affordable energy that they are foraging for wood in forests, and their economic situation is dire, indeed:

“The push for energy aid comes after decades of German government pander-spending, domestic welfarism, and welfare for the debt-ridden European Union have sunk it and the people who will have to pay its bond obligations into a debt crisis of 2.3 TRILLION Euros (roughly $2.6 trillion, and nearly 70 percent of its total gross domestic product) and year-to-year price increases due to inflation hit 10 percent in September.”

It's so bad that the German government, which had planned to shut down all six of its nuclear power plants, now is changing course.

So, as the room grew colder, and as the lights went out, surely the “concerned scientists” celebrated this decrease in carbon output…


Point taken, “scientists.” Thank you for making it.

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