Maine Creeps Closer To Gov't-Imposed Phase-Out Of Internal Combustion Car

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 22, 2023
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Archeologists have a knack for discerning between landscapes that have been naturally formed, and those that have been artificially manipulated. But within that sphere, it requires a bit more analysis to discern whether the manipulated landscape was, in fact, a product of natural, voluntary human effort, or the product of coercion -- which would mean it truly is artificial, and never would have existed if force and aggression were not part of the equation.

This very well might describe the problem that future economic historians will encounter when surveying the landscape of western markets that politicians purport to be “free” even as most of those same politicians and their media shills manipulate those markets and create cozy narratives and rationales for the artificiality.

Take Maine, for example. Right now, the residents of Maine are on the brink of being buried beneath a landscape of crypto-fascist government manipulation of the auto market – one that will increase their costs, decrease their living standards, increase their risks of fire and of being left stranded, and see all of it “excused” as a kind of sacrifice to the false government god of “Climate Change.”

Tim Meads reports for Daily Wire that on Thursday, August 17, the Delphic deciders of the Maine Board of Environmental Protection engaged in one of those classic pantomimes of “hearing” residents’ concerns over a “plan” to phase-out sales of internal combustion engine autos to reach a point in 2032 that would see 82 percent of new sales be of “zero-emission” cars.

Of course, the term “zero-emission” is a misnomer, likely used intentionally to hide the fact that electric vehicles typically get their power from generators utilizing forms of petrochemicals to generate the juice, the fact that said-same EVs also are built using petrochemical power, and the fact that they contain batteries made via intense utilization of human labor and… petrochemicals. As I recently reported for MRCTV, the most popular “net-zero” solar cells in the world are made in China, where costs are low in large part because the corporations making the cells use power generated from… coal plants, so, yeah, NOT "net-zero".

But none of this matters to the deeply devout Climate Deists who publicly despise Diesel – people who, like their virtue-signaling friends who attended the 2021 COP 26 Climate soiree in Scotland, might see their “EVs” charged via Diesel generators, somewhere “out-of-public-view.”

The Maine Board of Environmental Protection can flick its own political switch and set this crushing boulder rolling, contrary to the US Constitution, contrary to basic ethics, and without any hint of a vote in the Maine legislature or even any tort claim brought in court by one Mainer against another for “climate change damage.”

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The Bangor Daily News notes that no bill is needed, no legislation necessary, to completely change the economic landscape of Maine. All that was needed to set things in motion was a petition from the Natural Resources Council of Maine and other “environmental groups,” and the fascist “technical rules” that the state already claims it can impose on free market participants soon might be made even more burdensome and destructive.

“The environmental groups submitted the petitions and proposed the ‘routine technical rules’ that don’t need legislative approval through a little-known rulemaking process that allows citizens to request changes with at least 150 signatures, which several Republican lawmakers criticized Thursday.”

It’s curious to note that these environmental zealots never seem interested in engaging in natural market processes, like, say, starting their own car companies and peacefully offering their “Climate Alarmism Golf Carts” to people who can accept or decline their offers.

Instead, they want to use artificial means, and steer people down roads that lead to ruin, dead-ends delivering people to destinations they would never have chosen.

Writes Meads:

“Individuals like State Representative Joshua Morris (R) questioned the practicality of this plan.

‘How often in Maine do people lose power?’ Morris posited. ‘Especially in the winter, if they lose power, they’re not going to be able to charge their vehicle.’”

So right, and so obvious an observation, one wonders what planet the Climate Cultists call home.

“’There are not enough adjectives to describe how bad this policy is for the people of Maine. It’s callous, aloof, unthinking, unfeeling, unworkable, and simply cruel. Hardworking Mainers deserve better from their government than this policy pushed by a far-left extremist group,’ Morris added.”

But the coercive philosophy that the “environmental groups” are pushing is not isolated to Maine. It is part of a worldwide, globalist, corporate-fascist agenda hitched quite tightly to the World Economic Forum and UN train, and running through the EU, its member states, numerous “Non-Governmental Organizations” (NGOs), the US government bureaucracy, universities that are economically and philosophically tied to the top-down “do as I say” approach, and numerous anti-market, anti-freedom state governments.

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Last year, I reported that fifteen states were preparing prohibitions against future sales of internal combustion cars, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the coming federal imposition of 58 mpg average fuel economy for US auto sellers that the Biden regime wants to foist on people starting in 2032. This means that even something like the Toyota Prius would not make the cut – and the Prius is a hybrid that doesn’t require the frequent “recharging” necessary for the Teslas of the world.

Simply put, the Climate Cultists are hard at work making it nearly impossible for future generations to buy affordable transportation. Without any supportive evidence of harm being dealt to anyone via the use of traditional engines, these manipulative Mainers and their ideological ilk are prepared to dictate to others what they can and cannot buy.

But, of course, this has been the general state of things in the US for nearly a century, or more, as political forces even utilized the tariff to favor northern U.S. interests at the expense of southern consumers who might prefer to buy imported goods. The seductive power of government is too much to allow, and this situation in Maine serves as a perfect example of how far the power-grabbers have taken us.

They intend to take the people of Maine – and most others, worldwide – for a very bad ride deeper into their dead-end of tyranny.