Climate Conference Elites Will Use Oil-Based Generators To Charge Their Electric Cars

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 18, 2021

Never reluctant to lecture others about how to live, the crème de la crème of collectivist Climate Change Cultists – including U.S. Climate “Czar” John “Domestic” Kerry and members of the British Royal Family – soon will be filling airports catering exclusively to private jets as they gather in Scotland October 31 through November 12 to devise plans for even more restrictive world energy control.

And canny reporters are informing the world that as these showboating hypocrites parade in electric cars from their sleep chambers to the actual conference in Glasgow, they’ll use fuel oil-powered generators to power their rigs.

For The Scotsman on October 9, Alastair Dalton blew the lid on the scandal, writing in part:

The UK Government has confirmed the plan despite insisting that ‘sustainability will be at the core of Cop26’.

The fleet of some 240 Jaguar Land Rover vehicles including its I-PACE SUVs will be provided to ferry the 120 visiting heads of state and their entourages between their hotels and the SEC venue in Glasgow next month.

And, the car chargers will not be near the venue. They’ll be set up dozens of miles away:

The number of generators being provided and their locations have still to be finalised, but there is speculation they could include the Gleneagles Hotel, 47 miles from Glasgow.

And now, more observers are confirming that, indeed, this is what’s being arranged. University of Derby professor and tech entrepreneur Donald Clark on October 13 tweeted about it, about how cooking oil would be used to replace diesel in the generators, and about how there simply is not enough charging capacity in Glasgow for the fleet of what he cites as Teslas.

COP coming to Glasgow. Leaders staying at Gleneagles Hotel & 20Tesla cars (£100K each) bought to ferry them 75km back & forth. Gleneagles has 1 Tesla charging station, so Malcolm Plant Hire contracted to supply Diesel Generators to recharge Tesla’s overnight. Couldn't make it up.

He later corrected the number of limos to 240.

And who knows? Perhaps that could be 241 if the Pope Mobile arrives. After all, Jesuit socialist Pope Francis recently used Vatican resources to reiterate his support for world socialism and the smothering of free will when he applauded the Climate Conference and called for “collective” action against this suppose scourge that charlatans for decades have pushed with false, misleading, and manipulated data.

And, as this story from Glasgow reveals, it is – and ALWAYS IS – about resources.

Which means it has to be about free will, because, as the axiomatic rule of economics and human action tells us, resources are only termed as such because each of us, as individuals, decides something is a resource. Each of us has to be free to decide if a new invention or discovery of something from nature -- when provided to us through human effort -- is helpful to us. If we find it worthwhile, we will expend already acquired resources to acquire that new, more helpful thing.

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This is how fuel oil became a resource for lighting, and, eventually, a fuel for the internal combustion engine. Prior to Canadian Abraham Gesner developing an efficient way to derive kerosene from oil sludge, oil was just that: a sludge useful only for lubrication, and mostly a hindrance that was avoided by landowners. When, in 1846, Gesner invented his method of creating kerosene, he not only offered a new way to light homes that, until that time, were lit by candles and lamps filled with increasingly expensive whale oil, he came to help save the dwindling whale population.

The decreasing whale population drove prices for that resource higher, allowing Gesner’s invention to become marketable, seeing more kerosene suppliers enter the market, and seeing the whales – and the dangerous job of whaling – as less and less necessary.

But this required individual choice and market processes including the price system and free competition. A centrally-planned system never could have produced what people wanted because only individuals can determine what is resourceful for them in their immediate circumstances.

The political push for electrics – backed by the repeated drumbeat of unwarranted climate alarmism – stands in direct contravention of this fundamental lesson in economics and ethics.

And the immediate story from Glasgow stands as yet another example of how central planners – especially those who can get their hands on your taxes and on central-bank-created money – have no qualms about making extravagant, unworkable plans that will supersede your evaluations about what is good or bad for yourself.

In the US, Joe Biden plans to subsidize electric vehicle transportation, and push for people to drive cars that require charging off of already strained grids like those in the centrally-planned state of California.

This simply is not feasible. As I wrote in August for MRCTV, car expert and market-understanding writer Eric Peters has offered key observations about the problems with electric cars:

As Peters observes, the problems with electric vehicle charging are deep, interconnected multivariants. Take, for example, the physical, at-the-station, problems posed by recharge need, recharge time, the population at a recharge station, and ‘throughput,’ or the process of each person achieving his or her charge, and clearing out of the charging space…

This problem is huge for electric vehicles, which take hours to fully charge at home, and often take at least a quarter-hour to charge at higher-capacity energy stations capable of handling the more intense power loads that would cause fires on household systems.

And that electricity has to come from coal-burning plants, rare nuclear plants, unreliable wind farms, or natural gas – all of which come with prices and variables attached.

Right now, even with all the political manipulation against (and sometimes favoring) oil, it remains the cheapest way to fuel human transport needs.

And, regardless of what the conceited elites headed to Glasgow proclaim and plan for us, the only way feasibility and economy truly can be determined is by allowing market choices.

That means the elites have to step aside, stop play-acting, stop messing with stats, stop pushing alarmism…

…and let us make our own decisions about our own lives.

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