Free-Market Economics

The Biz Flog - Too Big to Fail

"The Biz Flog" for Nov. 26 asks takes on the phrase "too big to fail." First, it was Fannie and Freddie, then AIG, then the auto industry and now Citibank.

Obama on the Economy

Clips from Obama's Democratic nomination acceptance speech illustrating his belief that the economy is in "turmoil."

Tax Tyranny

A video produced by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity explains how the American tax system cripples our nation's economy and unfairly targets those who pay the most in taxes.

The Circus In Cuba

NBC's "Nightly News" reported on the declining circus industry in Cuba, forgetting to note the particulars of the Cuban econonmy.

The Biz Flog: All About The Numbers

  • Jpoor
  • May. 14. 2008
The Biz Flog for May 14 is all in the title because it is all about the positive gross domestic product and unemployment numbers the media have downplayed. (Episode 118)

CBS' Praise For Cuba

  • Jpoor
  • May. 1. 2008
CBS's "The Early Show" reported from Havana, Cuba, for May Day, highlighting reforms made by Raul Castro in recent months and calling former Cuban leader Fidel Castro a "revolutionary hero."

The Politics Of Foreclosure And Bailout

  • DannyG
  • March. 27. 2008
Terry Jeffrey, the editor-in-chief of Cybercast News Service, discussed the politics of home foreclosures and financial bailouts on CNN's "The Situation Room" on March 27.