ABC News Claims 'Climate Change' Is Threatening Thanksgiving

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 27, 2023
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Despite all the times that that the purveyors of the “anthropogenic climate change apocalypse” canard have been proven not just wrong, but laughably, toweringly wrong; despite all the times major “climate change” soothsayers have been exposed for their monumental hypocrisy and arrogance; despite the fact that, like dominoes, numerous government-tied so-called “green energy” corporations and projects – from animal-harming windfarm, to “electric vehicle” makers, to big automobile company plans – have taken nosedives because the vestiges of the consumer market don’t want them, the highbrows at ABC News appear utterly dedicated to continuing the nonsensical fear-mongering.

This time, they tied it to the Thanksgiving holiday, and the traditional foods so many of us enjoy.

Eat fast, feasters, because that food might not be around, thanks to you and your disregard for ABC News, it’s ideological kin in government, and their oh-so-trustworthy, completely truthful, not-authoritarian-at-all call for climate “policy” mandates.

On November 21, the “news” network published its alarmist piece, headlined:

“Climate change could soon make these staple Thanksgiving dishes more scarce”

…Which, of course, leaves ABC an “out” by claiming that they only said that “climate change could”…

But the headline still reinforces the unsubstantiated propaganda that mankind is causing a “climate change disaster” and throws at readers the dystopian thought that we might all be in store for austerity and possible starvation unless we change our ways.

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It’s all padded with plenty of “experts say” lingo, when the ABC “reporter,” Julia Jacobo actually quotes only one so-called “expert” – a propaganda-purveyor from a special-interest group that actually doesn’t rely on planting, sowing, or reaping anything other than words and fear.

“Thanksgiving could soon become another victim of climate change as rising temperatures threaten the abundance and quality of the ingredients used to make traditional dishes seen year after year.

As a result, these essential food items could become increasingly scarce and more expensive, potentially forcing families to omit or make substitutions in key recipes on their Thanksgiving menus.”

Two paragraphs that, in addition to serving up a lot of stale split infinitives, imply that so-called “climate change” already has created a lot of purported “victims.”

Thus far, the victims I’ve seen in the long-running scam have been taxpayers, birds and whales that have been likely victims of windfarms, truth, poor people working to dig cobalt and lithium, forest life roundly destroyed by the Scottish government, farmers who have had to change their fertilizer decisions because of government “regulations” against nitrogen, auto-makers who’ve been slammed with “emissions” regulations, light-bulb users, coal miners, and consumers (to name a few). And, again, those are victims of politicians and bureaucrats, who have used politically-funded, pop media pushed narratives to falsely claim that mankind using the internal combustion engine for transportation (or heat or machine power or electricity generation) is causing a catastrophic increase in temperature.

It is not. In fact, since 1979, satellite temperature data (the kind that doesn’t see thermometers placed on airport tarmacs or next to air-conditioner exhaust vents) reveals ZERO statistically significant temperature increase or “accelerating” temp-increase trend. But that has not deterred ABC’s Jacobo who adds:

“Produce is among the foods most affected by climate change, according to experts. As global temperatures rise and extreme weather events such as drought, heat waves and powerful storms occur more often, altering growing seasons and changing crop yield productions, according to experts.”

Ahh, yes… “According to experts.”

“These changes are causing harvest yields in Thanksgiving staple ingredients such as sweet potatoes and cranberries to decrease significantly, Himanshu Gupta, co-founder and CEO of ClimateAi, a climate adaptation platform for food and agricultural supply chains, told ABC News.”

ABC doesn’t mention that Mr. Gupta used to head up a government “climate change” emissions program in India…

ABC does offer this, uncited, and easily refuted claim:

“Cranberries, one of the few native fruits to the U.S., are mainly grown in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and other pockets of New England, Gupta said. But rising temperatures is already causing a heavy decrease in yield in cranberry farms all over those regions.”

Anyone interested can discover that starting in 2014, Wisconsin saw the beginning of record cranberry harvests through 2016, and in Quebec, Canada, 2022 just saw all records shattered.

Oh, and in 2019, Massachusetts set a record, as well.

And if sweet potato output is going to be catastrophic, based on the rune-casting-magic-ball prognostication of looking decades into the future, why aren’t the farmers who actually are experts sounding widespread alarm about the internal combustion engine? Could it be due to the fact that for the majority of the last two decades sweet potato yield per acre has increased, and the thing that could really effect output is government policy, making things like fertilizer more expensive, or government policy that makes shipping and supply chain management more difficult?

Ahh, but it’s not the ABC reporter making these claims. This is the old charade of using a “news beard” to push out a claim that the news team, itself, doesn’t have to substantiate and later can attribute any error to its “guest” or “interview subject.”

“Data is showing that by 2060 Mississippi is going to see an 18% reduction in average yields of sweet potatoes and by 2070 North Carolina is going to see a 12% deduction in average yields of sweet potatoes, Gupta said.”

What kind of data? We don’t know. Could it be “data” that’s really not “data” at all, but modeling that uses built-in prejudices and assumptions about the “climate apocalypse”?

We really cannot tell. But that’s okay, just trust ABC. Because… Well, they rarely offer reasons to trust them on much, especially “climate” reportage.

Perhaps ABC should follow CNBC in its recent move to shut down its “Climate Change” desk

Perhaps ABC can cite the real drivers for higher food costs. They do mention this:

“An average Thanksgiving meal for a family of 10 rose 20% between 2021 and 2022 -- from $53.31 to $64.05 -- according to a report by the American Farm Bureau released last year. In 2020, the same meal cost an average of $46.90, according to the findings.”

But they don’t mention price inflation, which stood at 3.2 in October, and has seen “official” prices rise 17.7 percent since Biden took office.

By the way, the official numbers typically are far too low. 

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Perhaps ABC could discuss that, and discuss the elephantine pressures Biden put on the supply chain with his jab mandates for truckers and shippers arriving in US ports, his blockages of Russian petrochemicals, his insane spending, and his shutdowns of energy recovery in the US.

Finally, perhaps ABC also could take a closer look at its own webpage, because, as I write this, the page about the threat of rough times for Thanksgiving staples includes a link that reads:

“MORE: Supermarkets like Giant, ShopRite giving free turkeys for Thanksgiving again…”

Yes, even as government applies more inflationary pressures and more regulatory burdens, even as it’s rhetoricians claim that our use of productive energy sources and the internal combustion engine and low-priced imports are destructive, we, the consumers and business people who cater to us, spur the vestiges of the market economy to do what it is supposed to do: provide more, increase productivity, and do it for less input of time, money, and worry.

The worry ought to be about the politicians and rhetoricians, like those at ABC, who try to fearmonger us and sell artificial, immoral impositions through the agency of force called the state.

The state ought to be put on a diet. But it’s unlikely you’ll hear that from ABC News.

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