The Biden-Buttigieg Economic Blockade of America Continues

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 2, 2022
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In historical-political parlance, an embargo can be viewed as an illegitimate and immoral act of war, conducted despite a nation-state not legally declaring war under international agreements.

Distinguished from a blockade, which also is an act of war (declared or undeclared) and sees a nation-state literally activate its military to block multilateral imports or exports from a foreign nation to any foreign locale, an "embargo" sees a government imposing its trade barriers bilaterally, on its own people and on those in the targeted nation with whom they might want to trade.

Both are immoral, aggressive acts perpetrated against civilians. And inarguably, by any standard, the Biden administration is engaging in both kinds of economic war on U.S. citizens.

With its January 22 edict that any foreign trucker or shipper trying to bring goods into the U.S. must show “proof” of having had an mRNA injection against COVID-19, the “oh-so-concerned-about-the-supply-chain” Biden White House has made things worse - both economically and Constitutionally.

Biden has ZERO moral or constitutional “authority” to demand this. The Constitution itself only allows a U.S. President to execute Congressional tariffs on imports (those being harmful in their own ways).

And, as I recently noted for MRCTV, the already-squeezed U.S. supply chain is following the downward course of Canada, which saw Justin Trudeau and his ilk impose their own jab mandate for truckers a week prior to the Jan 22 Biden imposition, and now sees Trudeau labeling as “fringe” the hundreds of thousands rallying against his imposition.

One wonders if Trudeau would welcome their Freedom Convoy to Ottawa if they were part of the LGBT movement demanding pronoun tyranny.

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And while Trudeau mishandles and maligns the innocent Canadians whose supply chains and livelihoods have been targeted by his embargo, Biden and his crew continue to pretend all is hunky dory for U.S. traders and consumers.

Clearly, it is not.

As Joel B. Pollak reports for Breitbart:

“Shipping backlogs at American ports continued, and spread, even as Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg declared victory earlier this month, with import volumes dropping at West Coast ports — and beyond.”

Heck, no better time to impose insane jab edicts on shippers trying to get goods to us. That’ll really help.

But, but… Didn’t Buttigieg and Biden threaten port workers with massive fines if they didn’t clear out incoming shipping containers?

Won’t more government control and another constitutionally-dismissive government edict do the trick?

“The administration’s main argument was that by threatening fines on companies that left inbound containers on the docks, they were able to induce companies to clear space. So-called ‘aging cargo’ has been reduced by 62% at the L.A. and Long Beach ports.

But those spaces ‘have been replaced with empty containers waiting for shipment back to Asia,’ the Wall Street Journal noted on Tuesday. COVID-19 and employee exhaustion have also hurt the effort to offload containers — and backups have now begun to spread to ports on the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.”

Gee. How strange. Limiting the people who can work the docks to those who show they’re jabbed is putting stress on those who can work. It’s almost as if top-down compulsion on who can work causes a lack of workers.

Who knew?

Except pretty much anyone with any experience in business or economics - that’s who, Pete and Joe.

And Pollack directs readers to that Wall Street Journal report, which offers:

Combined inbound volume fell about 14% at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., in December compared with a year ago, according to preliminary data from the ports. It was the fourth straight month of year-over-year declines.

That was even as the backlog of container ships off the coast of Southern California kept growing. The queue of vessels waiting to enter the port complex rose past 100 during December, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, and reached a record 109 ships in early January.

And no amount of “pushing the boats further away so, maybe, people won’t notice them waiting near the shore” can hide the fact that Buttigieg and Biden are not helping, but are, in fact, hurting the proper flow of what should be a free market.

It’s not that Buttigieg took two months off for “parental leave” for a baby neither he nor his partner birthed. It’s that the feds claim power over the ports, and it’s all the authoritarianism, cronyism, and favoritism that implies.

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg’s entire department can be found nowhere in the enumerated powers of the U.S. Constitution, and his department not only wields its unauthorized power in an immoral manner, it can shell out so much cash, the position makes Buttigieg one of the most powerful people in the U.S. government.

2021’s “Infrastructure Bill”, alone, gives him $126 BILLION over five years to hand out to those who play his game, promise support, or represent the “right” political vibe that Pete and the Bidenistas (sounds like a mariachi band) want to promote.

Heck, if you’re tight with local or state power, Pete’s ready to offer you a bunch of cash to install “speed cams” to suck in more cash through ticketing drivers – something that grassroots movements in eight states already have worked to ban because they are so misused and highway drivers generally find their own safe speed based on conditions.

The central government attack on federalism, on your rights, on your bottom line – even your ability to get food – is increasing, and it’s all a function of how much the American populace have disregarded freedom, economics, and the so-called “rules” of the U.S. Constitution.


Because people like Buttigieg and Biden see freedom as the enemy.

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