Biden Claims 'Wartime Power' To Subsidize Electric Heat Pumps & Kill Gas Furnaces

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 20, 2023
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Economist and economist historian Robert Higgs has shown that the statist strategy of creating or proclaiming an “emergency” which government must “address,” and for which politicians create new government programs or agencies, inspires the freedom-crushing “ratcheting effect.” These so-called “emergencies” give rise to new political offices and “programs" that never go away, even as more so-called “emergencies” are cited, more agencies are created, more tax cash is syphoned away from us, and the populace gradually accepts as "normal" both the offices and the terms the statists employ.

Thus, in questioning a new Biden “action” concerning a so-called “climate emergency,” even well-known “conservative” publications reveal that they might have accepted the unfounded power-grabs which preceded this new action.

The latest Biden chess move in this insidious and insane game is his announcement of new government handouts for the Soviet-style, centrally-planned, “program” of paying manufacturers to produce electric “heat pumps” that will replace natural gas furnaces which Biden’s government has been attempting to push out of the home-heat market.

The previous Biden schemes to promote “electric heat pumps” -- tactics like tax-breaks for consumers who choose the government-favored “electric” (from whence does that electricity come – nuke, coal, natural gas?) pumps, and such as “public-private partnerships” with favored corporations already have tilted the home-heat market in a politically-driven direction, and, of course, received not a hint of the opprobrium they richly deserve. But now, with this new Stalinesque move, some conservative media are speaking up – and blithely accepting a big, ugly facet of this socialist plan.

Outlets such as FoxNews and The Washington Examiner report that Biden is “invoking wartime powers” to push this new pork plan, and they rightly flag the Biden rhetoric that the Administration claims it is, somehow, fighting a “war” on its “carbon emissions” nemeses.

Conservatives have that part right. It’s Biden rhetoric that not only is inappropriate, but which also hides the true Biden motives: to crush the traditional energy market, push so-called “green tech” that is not as efficient or desired by consumers, and to funnel tax money around the country in order to create more dependent corporations and state-level interests.

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Writes Thomas Catenacci, for FoxNews:

“President Biden invoked a Cold War-era law in a surprising move Friday to pour taxpayer funds into domestic manufacturing of electric heat pumps, an alternative to gas-powered residential furnaces.”

The “Cold War-era law” is of course, the Defense Production Act. Biden, of course, has cited his imaginary “climate emergency,” and, so, he claims he can take action to fight his war on appliances he doesn't like.

“In a joint announcement with the White House, the Department of Energy (DOE) said the federal government would award a ‘historic’ $169 million for nine projects across 15 sites nationwide in an effort to accelerate electric heat pump manufacturing. The significant level of funding was made possible after Biden utilized the 1950 Defense Production Act (DPA) to increase domestic production of green energy technologies.”

In other words, it’s a pork handout to favored Soviet-state-level interests and favored corporate interests, attaching state-level politicians to the government graft and slathering the whole sordid mess with a patina of “tech-investment, for da-future!”

Or, as John “Skippy” Podesta said:

"’Today’s Defense Production Act funds for heat pump manufacturing show that President Biden is treating climate change as the crisis it is,’ added John Podesta, the White House clean energy czar. ‘These awards will grow domestic manufacturing, create good-paying jobs, and boost American competitiveness in industries of the future.’"

It's curious to see how politicians ceaselessly tell us they know the “industries of the future” when those industries need to arise in a free market of subjective valuation, resource discovery, investment and purchase choice, and competition, not through directives from the Supreme Soviet or the “Clean Energy Czar.” If Johnny is so good at knowing the “industries of the future” why isn’t he in the private market, prognosticating and heading up a private investment house where consumers can take his sage advice and invest to their heart’s content?

That’s right. John Podesta, Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Biden, and their ilk don’t like consumers who are free to choose. They give their special favors and corporate fascism the name “investment” even as people like Granholm repeatedly get cited for sketchy associations and “investments” of their own.

Last I checked, “investment” meant we got to do that voluntarily, but perhaps that’s out of style nowadays.

Also out of style seems to be the idea that conservative reporters dig all the way to the roots of an issue and cite the offenses at the heart of the latest “ratcheting-up” of government. In this case, it's what the conservatives leave as “accepted” precedent: the “Defense Production Act.”

Certainly, its correct to cite the inappropriateness of both pork handouts designed to further tilt the home-heat market, and the shameless claim that Biden is doing it all as part of a “climate war.”

But writers who cover this topic and who do not challenge the underlying “Defense Production Act” commit a grievous error by not objecting to that act, itself.

The US Congress has not declared War. As such, the “Defense Production Act” is not constitutionally sanctioned.

According to the original Founding Era view, the US Militia was state-based, and only to be called into action on a national level when Congress declared War. In the US Constitution, “Declaration of War” is a capitalized term because it stood for a formal, specific, mode of government operation. It is a public declaration of War against another nation-state, and only after such a declaration can the President lead troops or operate in a military capacity.

This new Biden move is simply an insult added to the decades-long criminal activity of the feds claiming some kind of “emergency” defense power when there is NO Declaration of War.

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Many presidents have used that “Defense Production Act” canard to get away with nonsensical and poisonous federal power-grabs, and now, Biden is doing it again.

This time, the “climate” argument may be opening some eyes to the nefariousness of the pork scheme. But it’s important to see the deeper, longer-standing, error of the 1950s “law” that lies at its heart.

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