Sorry Tesla, This Is The Car of The Future

This is the Mercedes Benz G-Code and it's probably the coolest car to ever be created. I'm not talking in terms of the look of the car, as it may not be the best-looking. In terms sheer technology,...

Power Of All Kinds To The People

  • DannyG
  • July. 19. 2008
At the RightOnline summit in Austin, Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Michael Williams made the case for using various natural and man-made resources to get power to Americans and solve the energy crisis.

Ralph Nader's Energy Policy: Just Say No

  • DannyG
  • May. 30. 2008
When it comes to U.S. energy policy, presidential candidate Ralph Nader wants no part of oil, nuclear power or coal. He's a wind and solar fan. And he's suspicious of Democrat Barack Obama on the issue.