Cory Parks
Senior Video Editor
Was the Biden family taking kickbacks and payouts from the Chinese Communist Party? You’re not allowed to ask. Meanwhile, the left continues to wage a war on women and motherhood with their fictitious “gender pay gap.”
‘There’s Probably Going To Be More Failures’: Former FDIC Chairman Blames Bank Failure On Gov’t Policies & Spending
Over 1000 Mexican Migrants Tried to Rush The US/Mexico Border At The El Paso Port Of Entry
California Gov. Gavin Newsom declares war on Walgreens for the dumbest reason ever, and AOC finds herself in hot water for alleged ethics violations.  
The euphemism, “a new fold in the story,” became technologically ironic this week, as angry readers claimed that Amazon appears to have replaced their purchased versions of digital Roald Dahl Kindle books with the new, “sanitized for your woke protection,” pseudo-Dahl books about which we have reported at MRCTV.
Colorado Buffaloes Coach Deion Sanders is outspoken about his Christian faith. But a nuisance atheist group wants Colorado to tell "Prime Time" to keep his faith on the sidelines.
'Dilbert' Comic Strip & Creator Scott Adams Canceled Following Controversial Remarks on Race    
Mac McClung took the Slam Dunk Contest by storm and razzled and dazzled his way to a commanding victory. After seeing his insane show, an Andscape reporter sort of said he was sorry for claiming McClung was in the contest because he's white.
The foreperson for the Atlanta-based grand jury investigating Trump may have just tanked the whole thing by being a total moron. And the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh caught flak this week for calling a crossdressing man “ugly” - but was he wrong?