Cory Parks
Senior Video Editor
World-wide-webdom caught virtual fire Saturday, as both word and images spread to reveal that freshman House member Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) had pulled a fire alarm in one of the US Capitol corridors, evidently to prevent a vote to (again) temporarily fund the bloated tick of the federal government with more deficit-expanding cash that wasn't enough for Bowman's big-government agenda.  
First Grader Suspended For ‘Using His Index Finger As A Gun’ While Playing ‘Cops And Robbers’
‘I’m Going To Go To Bed’: Looks Like It Was Past Rambling Sleepy Joe’s Bed Time So His Staff Cut His Mic
The media machine is ramping up for another bout of COVID hysteria, just in time for the election - and with just enough fear mongering to justify mail-in ballots? Meanwhile, mobs of unvaxxed illegal aliens are pouring into the country and our public schools. Why isn’t that a “public health emergency”?
Canada has issued a travel advisory for “2SLGBTQI+ travellers” looking to travel to the United States, claiming certain states may implement laws that unfairly target trans people. The truth? Trans and “queer” persons are the most protected, privileged, and praised group in the United States today.
We've been saying for years that teams names and mascots with Indian elements don't need to be changed. But don't take our word for it, the Native American Guardian Association thinks that's the case as well.
Native American Historical Group Member Wants NFL To Reinstate "Redskins" Team Name 
‘Is This What We’re Going To Be Focusing On?’: DeSantis Tries To Move On From ‘The Rehashing’ Of The 2020 Election
  A song about the working class’ struggle to pay their bills while politicians waste all their hard-earned tax cash is going viral, and the left CAN’T STAND IT. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is requesting another $24 BILLION in aid to Ukraine, while offering measly $700-per-household checks to Hawaiians who lost everything to wildfires.