Cory Parks
Senior Video Editor

Oops!: Rep. Jamie Raskin Squirms As CNN’s Tapper Presses Him On New Questionable Allegations Against Trump

The same leftists who say they hate corporate America are too dense to realize they’re being used by the same multi-billion-dollar system they claim to oppose – one that hates motherhood and is all too happy to use gullible women to line their own pockets.

Politicians in blue cities are happy to shower millions on “woke” art to commemorate Black Americans – all while ignoring rampant violence and pushing leftist policies that keep minorities in poverty and desperation.

Rep. Donalds Questions House Oversight Committee’s Investigation Into Washington Commanders: ‘You Can Bang The Gavel All You Want But I Don’t Really Care’

May saw another record-breaking month for illegal immigration, as border agents catch terrorists and hundreds of thousands of illegals cross uncaught. But this isn’t incompetence or mismanagement – it’s on purpose.

VP Kamala Harris: ‘Nothing’ About Abortion ‘Will Require Anyone To Abandon Their Faith Or Change Their Faith

Sen Daines: ‘Unfortunately with one stroke Of The Pen’ Biden ‘Divided’ America ‘When He Canceled The Keystone XL Pipeline’ Now ‘I Hope It Wakes Up The Woke’ Because ‘People Are Suffering’