Occupy DC

Occupy Bloopers

MRCTV's Katie Yoder and Scott Robbins intended to cover the Bank of America Protest organized by Occupy DC.

Conservative Occupy?

MRCTV's Katie Yoder and Scott Robbins intended to cover the Bank of America Protest organized by Occupy DC. After noticing a lackluster turnout for the noon rally, we found some Occupiers hanging out near...

Anti-Semitism at DC's Emancipation Day

Last year there were several documented instances of Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street events.  Now the Occupiers are getting ready for their "spring offensive" and MRCTV ran into one of these...

Conservatives Counter-Protest Occupy DC

  • MRCTVone
  • February. 14. 2012
A small but dedicated group of conservatives showed up at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on Monday to counter protest Occupy DC.  The event was hosted by conservative comedian Stephen...

Occupy DC Counter-Protest Coming Next Week

Finally!  Some DC area conservatives are planning to hold a protest of their own right next Occupy DC's encampment at Freedom Plaza.MRCTV went to Freedmom Plaza to talk with David Amasi, who is organizing...

Occupy DC: The Tent of Dreams

  • kyoder
  • January. 30. 2012
The media poured into McPherson Square early this morning, anticipating Occupy DC's eviction and destruction of the 'Tent of Dreams.'Occupy signs warned of a "show down" with the Park Police, while occupiers...

Occupy DC and the 'Tent of Dreams'

  • MRCTVone
  • January. 30. 2012
Language Warning -- On what many thought would be the day that Occupy DC got evicted from McPherson Square, protesters harassed police and the Occupiers erected a "Tent of Dreams" to show their opposition...

Rats Infest Occupy DC Encampment

In recent weeks it has come to light that the crime rate in DC has skyrocketed since the “Occupiers” moved into their tent cities in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.Well, now it turns out that the...

Rats Infest Occupy DC

Not only has the crime rate risen signifigantly since Occupy DC moved into town, but now the DC health inspector tells us that both Occupy DC encampments are teeming with rats.Nice.