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VIDEO: 62 Occupy DC Protesters Arrested For Obstruction of a Public Highway


LANGUAGE WARNING- Dozens of Occupy DC protesters were arrested on K Street in Washington D.C. today for obstruction of a public highway. When we at MRCTV arrived, police began the process of arresting the participants. 

However, while the protesters were lying in the streets, blocking traffic, and refusing to move, one Occupy participant warned them to move because they did not have the money to bail them out. We interviewed him while the arrests were underway and he told us they were not instructed to be arrested at that given time. The protester insinuates, like many other videos have shown, arrests from the Occupy movements are staged as theatrics to draw attention to the group- which one attendee told us off camera. 

Officer Hugh Carew from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department told MRCTV that 62 people have been arrested. Of the 62, the public affairs official stated 61 were for obstruction of a public highway. He was unsure about the last arrest.

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