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Rats Infest Occupy DC Encampment


In recent weeks it has come to light that the crime rate in DC has skyrocketed since the “Occupiers” moved into their tent cities in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.

Well, now it turns out that the crime isn’t the only blight on society that has followed Occupy DC into town.

Apparently both encampments are teeming with rats.

DC health inspectors are concerned to say the least. After all, rats did cause the bubonic plague which killed 450 Million Europeans a couple hundred years ago.

According to DC officials, not only are the rats attracted to the heaps of garbage and the open air kitchens that litter the Occupy DC grounds. But, they have also found a comfy place to burrow and reproduce, underneath the piles of hay that the “Occupiers” use as beds.


It’s almost enough to distract from the “Occupiers” message. Whatever that was.

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