World Busybodies, Parasites & Enviro-Cultists Issue 'Climate Reparations Agreement' At COP 27

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 21, 2022
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If the baseline elitism of a bunch of politicians, bureaucrats, central-banksters, corporate cronies, and media lapdogs meeting in air-conditioned, expensively catered comfort at the “Climate Cult” ritual called COP 27 weren’t sufficiently noisome to raise a hackle...

Then this fulfillment of what many of us suspected was the goal of COP 27 certainly ought to be.

Just announced as the Sharm El Sheik, Egypt propaganda-and-petulance party ended, and immediately heralded by pop media, the Biden Administration has “signed on” to an “agreement” to funnel at least $1 BILLION of our and our progeny’s tax cash into a “climate reparations” fund, which will, once its well-paid managers take their cuts, be showered on countries “put at a disadvantage” by the First World Nations’ use of fuel (i.e. using it to produce things in a competitive market with greater and greater efficiency/productivity, thus allowing even the poorest people to have better living standards).

It's something about which Politico is gushing

“Countries meeting in Egypt clinched a deal early Sunday that could send billions of dollars from wealthy countries to help developing nations treat the symptoms of climate change.”

Isn’t it nice to see that they think this horde of organized political criminality is, as they term it, “countries” meeting? And isn’t it great to see that Politico writers Zack Colman and Karl Mathiesen are so jazzed that they use the sportsy term “clinched” even as they accept the underling fallacy of “anthropogenic climate change” and frame it like a disease? Indeed, they seem pleased, but not completely satisfied, for, still in the mode of medical rhetoric they add:

“But the agreement’s final text also offered its tacit blessing to natural gas, a fossil fuel that’s worsening the underlying disease.”

Which assumes that there is a disease, and then assumes that natural gas is one of its causes, both being narratives that are not only unproven, but which, as I have noted for MRCTV, are unsupported, and have been exposed as products of data-manipulating so-called “researchers” and people who will not even allow courtroom discovery of their original data, sources, or methods.

But this has not stopped Politico, and hasn’t stopped NBC from cheering like French Revolution socialists around a guillotine. Their “journalist,” Mithil Aggarwhal, even went so far as to use correlation in an attempt to establish the mirage of causation when it comes to “climate-change induced” storms.



“In a historic first, countries have agreed to set up a fund to help pay for the devastating impact of climate change on poorer nations, according to a deal unveiled on Sunday after marathon talks.

‘It is clearly a down payment on the longer investment in our joint futures,’ said Sherry Rehman, environment minister of the flood-hit Pakistan. The fund was also at the center of delivering climate justice, delegations said.”

See? First, be sure to accept the notion that “climate change” is happening beyond what naturally and cyclically occurs on Earth due to variations in solar output – and when we use “climate change” we must point out that the knitters of this narrative straight-jacket actually mean “Global Warming” – a term they dropped when, by 2016, it became clear that there had been no significant “warming” for nearly two-decades.

Second, assume that flooding anywhere is worse today than it has been over the last 150 years – which is not the case. In fact, despite the climate-doomsayers amping up their rhetoric since the late 1980s, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano and statistician and environmental author Bjorn Lomborg both note that 2021 saw the fewest global hurricanes in the satellite era, and the second fewest strong hurricanes since 1980.

Third, absorb and regurgitate their nonsense term, “climate justice” in the same way the amorphous collectivism of “social justice” has been adopted by many Americans, allowing for the “justice” to be defined by politicians and for them to redistribute wealth as a means of delivering said so-called “justice.”

I think we get the picture.


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But there’s more.

They also claim this is an “investment and down-payment.”

The last time I checked, investment connoted voluntary action, as in a person “opting-in”, “vesting his or her own time, property, etc.”. I didn’t know that government-effectuated theft and forced redistribution were “investments.”

And just what will this “investment” scheme do?

Well, it’s not a treaty. It’s a “plan." Which is intentional. As it was with Barack Obama’s use of the “Paris Climate Accord” as a pretext to issue Executive Orders and regulations that began shutting down the US coal industry and stifling the ability of US interests to refine oil into Diesel, gasoline, and kerosine, by NOT treating this COP 27 “Reparations” thing as a treaty, Biden doesn’t have to worry about the US Senate rejecting it. With obliqueness galore, he can bandy about the terms “international obligations,” “agreements,” and “accords” as cover each time he issues his own unconstitutional “Executive Orders” to harm US energy production or he has his unconstitutional EPA or Department of Energy (just what James Madison wanted, right?) stop oil exploration, curtail fuel transport, or hand out pork to so-called “green” energy interests that can’t make it in the real market.

If you detect the stench of racketeering via vampiric internationalist political forces, you have a good sense of smell.

Like any decent vampire, these forces suck off the productive – and they will not cease their attempts to hypnotize the public into thinking their evil ways are “for everyone’s good.”

Which brings us to the last point.

Of all things, this “reparations” for “nations hit by weather ‘caused’ by Climate Change” neglects two key points.

First, the use of fossil fuels has allowed for the increasingly more productive capacity of the First World nations to provide products and work to residents of poorer nations such that their life-expectancy and living standards are far, far better now than decades ago when the neo-Luddite “environmental movement” kicked into high gear (pun intended). (For more on that, watch John Stossel’s excellent 2019 Reason video.)

Second, as is always the situation with redistribution of wealth, by taxing the productive, political forces reduce and redirect the useable capital those productive people SHOULD be able to direct as they see fit, towards even more areas of discovery, employment, and opportunity.

Creating this kind of fund will do nothing more than what previous internationalist wealth-redistribution schemes have done: fund political elites in those “poor” nations, strip market participants of their ability to help make goods plentiful and cheap, and, in the end, harm the real poor people the politicians purport to help.

How about an alternative? Like...