‘Bottom-Line, I Disagree’ Dem Sen. Manchin Slams Biden’s Job Killing Pipeline Move

Eric Scheiner | February 3, 2021
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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is critical of Joe Biden for killing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Manchin made the comments during an appearance on Fox News Tuesday.

“At the bottom-line, I disagree. I respectfully disagree with the president and the executive order on doing away with the Keystone pipeline.”

“I’ve seen a train blow up in West Virginia carrying that crude. I’ve seen tanker cars explode going through towns. It’s much safer in that pipeline than it is coming across the road or the rail. If they think they’re going to stop that product, that’s a heavy crude we need in our refineries.”

“We have to have the heavy crude. I rather it come from Canada than I would from Venezuela,” Manchin later added.

Manchin is not the only Democratic senator to express his disappointment with Biden’s decision to kill jobs by ending the Keystone XL pipeline project.


"I believe in climate change, but I also think that this one pipeline isn't going to turn our climate around," Sen. Jon Tester (D MO) told The Hill.