Brent Baker
VP of Research and Publications

Brent H. Baker, the Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow and Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been a central figure at the MRC since its 1987 founding. In 2001, Weekly Standard Executive Editor Fred Barnes dubbed Baker “the scourge of liberal bias.” In 2005, Baker spearheaded the launch of the MRC’s NewsBusters blog (his blog postings).

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Appearing on CNN Tonight last week, Michael Eric Dyson asserted “white replacement theory” is the motivator behind why conservatives oppose abortion: “There’s a newfangled twist to it here, the expression that we are fearful of genetically disappearing, right?”

Author and leading neoconservative intellectual Midge Decter passed away on Monday, May 9, at age 94. 

At the Media Research Center’s “2005 DisHonors Awards: Roasting the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters of 2004,” Decter accepted in jest, on behalf of Janeane Garofalo, the “I’m Not a Political Genius But I Play One on TV Award.”  

Kate Smith, who last month moved from CBS News to a newly created position at Planned Parenthood, senior director of news content, on Sunday denied her abortion activism came through in her reporting for CBS News. On CNN’s Reliable Sources, she condescendingly lectured that bloggers “might not realize all of the different layers that someone goes through before they publish a piece before they go on-air.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday ridiculed concern about the new Disinformation Governance Board inside the Department of Homeland Security, ignoring the very real ridicule of it by those who note the woman chosen to run it, Nina Jankowicz, like Stelter himself, spread disinformation herself when she derided the Hunter Biden laptop story as disinformation.

Blocking explicit sex talk in kindergarten is based on the same motivations of Russians who are raping children in Ukraine? It is by the reasoning of MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace with a particularly vile bit of moral equivalence to smear two leading conservative elected officials. By framing their actions as on behalf of “parental rights,” she contended Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are hiding how they are really “dehumanizing” the LGBTQ community. 

As President Biden is mired in approval ratings in the 30s, ABC’s This Week on Sunday delivered the developing media spin: Biden is a victim of circumstances, powerless to address the issues dragging him down, such as inflation or the out of control southern border. 

Democrats must scare voters about the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House, if they are to have any chance of surviving the mid-terms, two guests on an insider political TV show contended. The advice was endorsed by of the two hosts on Sunday’s weekly The Circus on Showtime, hosted by political-media insiders John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon, Alex Wagner and Jenn Palmieri.

When President George H.W. Bush replaced Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court with Clarence Thomas, at least Republicans at the time “accepted” the “idea of at least one black seat on the court,” but not anymore, Bill Maher contended. Friday night on his HBO show, he asserted: “I think today’s Republicans would not do that. I think they would be thrilled to have no black seats on the court.”

The panel on ABC’s The View on Friday declared Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson (KBJ) “overqualified” and contended criticism of her, from Republican Senator Josh Hawley and others, is based on a racist fear of black women. 

“She’s outstanding,” Whoopi Goldberg announced before denigrating President Trump’s nominees. “So, you put in Amy Coney Barrett, you put in the other one, you know, and you’re questioning her?”

If Donald  Trump were still president when Russia invaded Ukraine, “we would be in a completely different place,” a much worse place, New York Times correspondent Helene Cooper contended on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Trump, she argued, “would already have pulled us out of NATO” and “the first thing he would have said is, ‘It’s not our problem. Ukraine is not our problem.’ That’s it. Go off and do, you know, this is not our business. And NATO, at this point, would have been completely divided.”