New Yorker’s Glasser Frustrated Media ‘Inured’ to Trump’s ‘Un-American’ Rants

Brent Baker | March 18, 2024
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The news media are not aggressive enough calling out Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “un-American” rants, New Yorker magazine’s Susan Glasser complained on Sunday’s This Week. On the ABC News show’s roundtable, the veteran of the Washington Post expressed frustration that “eight years into this, we still struggle with how to cover him as journalists” as Trump’s “unhinged, rambling rants” are “baked in” so “we are all desensitized and inured to the extraordinary, remarkable and very at times un-American and threatening things” he says.

She soon charged: “Donald Trump is attacking, in a broad-brush sense, the basic pillars of American democracy. Period. Full stop.”

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