Steve Doocy

Nick Kangadis | November 30, 2018
Musician Kid Rock appeared on "Fox & Friends" on Friday, and something came out of his mouth that host Steve Doocy and Fox News wasn't expecting…
Nick Kangadis | September 17, 2018
Apparently, you can get dangerously close to the all-time high of police officers killed in the line of duty and the Leftist media still won’t give…
Nick Kangadis | August 30, 2018
Sometimes it takes an old school legend to talk some sense into everybody, and this time it was one of — if not the — greatest golfer of all-time.…
Curtis Houck | May 23, 2018
Check out the link to Randy Hall's full post here at NewsBusters!
Jeffrey Meyer | November 2, 2012
Unlike the liberal media who are engaging in a full-scale blackout of the scandal in Libya, Friday’s Fox & Friends engaged in a vigorous debate…
Ken Shepherd | December 3, 2010
While the media have been hyping rich liberals like Ted Turner and Warren Buffett calling on Congress to raise taxes on Americans earning over $250,…
Kyle Drennen | March 5, 2010
Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy discussed MSNBC cropping President Bush out of the recent Newsweek cover on Wednesday.