Golf Legend Nicklaus On Par With Tiger Woods' 'Respect the Office' Comment

Nick Kangadis | August 30, 2018

Sometimes it takes an old school legend to talk some sense into everybody, and this time it was one of — if not the — greatest golfer of all-time.

Absolute golf icon Jack Nicklaus went on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday to talk about his partnership with military charity Folds of Honor and their upcoming Patriot Golf Day, which promotes “the mission to honor our armed forces and their families affected by war.”

However, host Steve Doocy first asked Nicklaus about his thoughts on Tiger Woods’ comments from Sunday where he talked about his relationship with President Trump and said that “you have to respect the office.”

“No matter who's president — whether it was Barack Obama or Donald Trump — I think you respect the office, and I'm much in Tiger's camp on that,” Nicklaus responded.

How can anyone disagree with that? That’s the most level-headed response someone could give in that situation.

On the contrary, ESPN’s Max Kellerman certainly had a problem with Woods’ “respect for the office” comment as he threw a fit on Monday’s edition of “First Take,” saying that Woods’ comments were “thoughtless” and “stupid.”

Luckily, Kellerman isn’t really known for his accuracy when analyzing sports, so him talking about politics is like a 5-year-old talking about his 30th birthday. It just doesn’t make sense.

For the full Nicklaus interview, watch below: