WATCH: Ding Dong Lightfoot's Gone, But Democrats Still Remain - Things That Need To Be Said

Nick Kangadis | March 1, 2023
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Well, folks. I gotta tell ya. I’m all broken up inside. Mayor Beetlejuice is done. Chicago is free from being held hostage of what basically amounted to a diversity hire. Oh, she was a she. Oh, she liked other she’s. Oh, she’s was black and liked other she’s. Who gives a flying fuqua?! Lori Lightfoot was a prime example of being severely unqualified to do her job, but because of her skin color and who she decided to bed - she was a prime candidate for the left. There’s still a big problem, though. The people of Chicago may just replace her with people who believe the same garbage, just in a different package.

We’ll have a little fun in a minute. Let me just get this off my chest, as these are supposed to be things that need to be said.

Sure Lightfoot lost in embarrassing fashion. She’s the first incumbent not to be re-elected to a second term in 40 years, since the last time Chicago elected a woman to be mayor. And this is nothing against women. I’ve always said that I’d have no problem voting for a woman, as long as it’s the right woman.

While Chicago should be happy that Lightfoot’s reign of racism is just about over, the problem will likely remain for the city no matter who wins. It just doesn’t matter anymore in Chicago, which is sad for me to say because it’s my hometown.

But, let me say this for all the Chicagoans watching and the rest of you. Chicago is lost. You know why? Because Republicans don’t even try to run for mayor anymore, because communists and socialists masquerading as Democrats have run that city for 92 years straight at this point.

Chicagoans unfortunately don’t know any different. Even if the party domination was reversed, if things haven’t been working out for the city in a positive way, wouldn’t you eventually want to try something different? Alas, that answer is apparently no, so a city that should be a shining beacon in the middle of the country will continue to get more run down, more crime ridden and stay in its leftist haze for years to come.

What most people don’t want to admit, but what needs to be said is, ‘Big cities are over.’ I’ve been saying it for at least two and a half years already. So great job, Chicago! You’re going to remain in the leftist slumber you currently clearly wanted to change by not even having Lightfoot come close in her bid to continue running the city.

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Now, for a little fun, let’s look at a few of Lori Lightfoot’s greatest hits.

These are just headlines that came from me alone in the last few years.

Chicago Mayor Gives CNN Non-Answer When Asked About Violence Currently Plaguing City” July 6, 2020.

A CNN reporter actually asked Beetlejuice a real question, and Lightfoot danced around Zelensky in bondage clothing. 

What the heck are you talking about, lady? The closest thing I could come up with as an answer was when Lightfoot mentioned COVID. But that can’t be what she thinks is that primary reason for the uptick in violence in Chicago, can it? Apparently so, because Lightfoot said it without any trepidation.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Ordered Columbus Statues Removed in the Middle of the Night” July 24, 2020.

Chicago used to pride itself on its cultural neighborhoods. Greektown, Little Italy, Chinatown, Polish Village, Ukrainian Village, Bronzeville, India Town and Pilsen, now known for its proud Hispanic community.

Lightfoot said screw you to the Italians when she decided on her own accord to remove the Christopher Columbus statue that resided in downtown’s Grant Park. Oh, and she did it just weeks after 49 Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers were reportedly injured protecting it from a violent mob during the summer of Floyd, who the radical media affectionately called “peaceful protesters.” 

Pretty peaceful, huh?

I’m going to combine two here, and they pretty much speak for themselves.

Report: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot & CPD Ban Protests on Her Block, Police Ordered to Arrest Those Who Don't Disperse” August 20, 2020 & “'On a Public Street?' Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Using Officers as Personal Security to Stop the Press” August 24, 2020.

You see, she didn’t mind if criminals looted and rioted throughout the city as long as it wasn’t on her block.

One of my personal favorites, “'Journalists of Color' Only! Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Pens Racist Letter Discriminating Against White Reporters Covering City Hall” May 20, 2021.

Basically, to celebrate her second anniversary of being in office, Lightfoot decided that only non-white reporters could cover the story, as she believed there were too many white people covering city hall. For context, here’s Lightfoot’s wife. So she uses race when it’s convenient, not because she believes she’s actually oppressed because of her skin color. If that were true, she never would’ve been elected in the first place.

But, during this whole ordeal, this witch actually said:

“At the two-year anniversary of my inauguration, I am issuing a challenge to you,” Lightfoot wrote to local news outlets. “Hire reporters of color — and especially women of color — to cover Chicago politics, and City Hall in particular. If you only have a white reporter covering City Hall, make sure there’s a person of color working with them as well.”

And if it wasn’t enough that Lightfoot was and still is racist towards white reporters, despite having the whitest woman on the planet as her wife, in August of 2021 she couldn’t get the name of a young, female officer who was gunned down, Ella French, by calling her Ella Franks. This was only a couple of days after the black superintendent of the Chicago Police Department also disrespected French by getting her name wrong as well, calling her Ella Fitzgerald.

And don’t even get me started on the October 2021 scare tactic she used by saying that if Chicago police officers didn’t get vaccinated, they might lose their job and their retirement benefits.

Lightfoot was so on the establishment dole that she even attempted to bribe Chicagoans to get vaccinated. Remember?

And finally, and perhaps the story that explains a whole lot of who Lightfoot really is, she displayed her envy approximately a year ago in March of 2022 by saying that she has the “biggest dick in Chicago” while facing a lawsuit over taking down the previously mentioned Columbus statue.

The sad part is that judging by lack of masculinity left in the city, Lightfoot might just have the biggest schwantz in the city, but at least it and her won’t reside in the mayor’s office for much longer. 

Oh, and just because it’s funny as hell, as well as being just plain sad, here ya go. 

Up, up and away with you.


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