Save The Snowflakes: Stop Triggering Snowflakes!

Eric Scheiner | December 19, 2017

A special message from

We sent crayons to help soothe your wounded soul, but we forgot to remove the offensive privileged colors.

We sent bubbles to surround you, but their rainbow prism reflections didn’t accurately correspond to the diversity of the entire gender rainbow.


We tried to distract you from political realities by using fairy tales – not realizing the hurt that would cause to those that identify as fairies.

We worked to cover up statues of historical figures that offended you, but sometimes we did it with white sheets. And that was wrong.

In our efforts to prevent you from being offended, we at Save The Snowflakes have hurt your feelings, and we are sorry – new studies have shown that even the word snowflake is offensive – to snowflakes. So after dedicating a year working to protect feelings, we are disbanding - realizing that we can’t protect those that so eagerly seek to be easily offended.

To those that supported our efforts over the past few months, we thank you, for you will always hold a special safe place in our hearts.

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