Salon: 'Grooming' is Another Baseless Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

Jason Cohen | October 6, 2022
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Making an issue of children being educated about the LGBTQ community is cruel. Yet again, the right is demonizing an innocent marginalized group with language like “grooming.” Thankfully, multiple major social media platforms have banned the term. 

The courageous educators and activists taking it on themselves to enlighten children are covering new ground here so there naturally may be some minor problems along the way, but overall it will lead to a superior society, so it is worthwhile. Rightwingers refuse to understand this, though. They selfishly would rather their kids be safely and appropriately educated than help the LGBTQ community finally achieve full normalization. 

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This has all been sarcasm so far. But this truly appears to be the belief of Kathryn Joyce, writing for Salon. 

She wrote that “The right began using the word ‘grooming’ as a slur against LGBTQ people and their allies.” Such a crazy characterization. Does she seriously think this word would be used to describe most LGBTQ people or allies that are uninvolved with indoctrinating children? Or that they would not use the term for straight people who indoctrinate children on heterosexual issues in a similar manner?

She further wrote that the right-wingers are “Contorting a term long used to describe real instances of child sex abuse into a weapon to be deployed against LGBTQ people and commonplace policies.” . 

Of course, there is sometimes exaggeration and discrimination, which is wrong and unproductive. But children are not sociology experiments, and adults who insist on talking to them about sex are not normal.

Just because people are LGBTQ does not mean they should be immune from criticism, as the author seems to believe. Grooming is a real issue. Not calling it out and instead focusing on the feelings of LGBTQ people over children’s well-being shows the left’s priorities.

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Without a hint of irony, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says she want to "fight like hell" for abortion because "kids are our future."

— MRCTV (@mrctv) October 6, 2022