'Call Her Daddy' Podcast LIES: 'Pro-Lifers' Like Women 'As Possessions' 'Traded For Cows'

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 6, 2022
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The now #1 podcast on Spotify “Call Her Daddy” released its latest episode Wednesday called “An Abortion Story.” Host Alex Cooper visited an abortion clinic in North Carolina to hear about the need for legal abortion from staff and volunteers and used her show to radically lie about the motives of most pro-lifers. 

Alex Cooper signed a three-year $60 million contract with Spotify after being known as the “sex girl” whose podcast was dedicated to talking about blow jobs and hookups in WAY too explicit detail. Cooper recently made a shift, however, and has incorporated guests and less raunchy topics.  Cooper’s “An Abortion Story” episode may not have mentioned blow jobs or orgasms, but it did spew plenty of false rhetoric. 

The video started with numerous clips, headlines, popular talking points and images from the day that Roe was reversed. Following that, Cooper drove up to a N.C. abortion clinic and was greeted by a line of pro-lifers peacefully praying outside of the parking lot. 

“I drove up to the clinic while this protest was going on and I was shaking. It’s fucking terrifying,” Cooper claimed.

Yes, people praying, hugging and crying while showing women that they don’t have to murder their babies is “terrifying.”

“I cannot even imagine waking up in the morning to get an abortion and have to deal with this fucking bullshit,” she added.

The episode accused pro-life protesters of yelling things like “slut” or “you’re a murderer," but included no clips of that. (You’d think if it actually happened, it would have been included in the video.)

Cooper asked one of the clinic volunteers about possible “misinformation” spread by pro-life protestors. The volunteer, Kristy Kelly, aimed to “debunk” the pro-life side of the argument by claiming that “abortion is incredibly safe.” 

“If you ever had a root canal or gotten your wisdom teeth out, you were in way more danger,” Kelly told Cooper. 

Neither a root-canal nor wisdom tooth removal result in the intentional death of at least one human being, so I am unsure why the woman suggested that, and why Cooper nodded in agreement. 

Nonetheless, Cooper summed up that pro-lifers' (actually valid) talking points are just “scare tactics.”

Kelly then suggested that the pro-lifers outside the clinic are just “manipulative” and linked their actions to “white saviorism," claiming claimed that pro-lifers only help when a woman is pregnant, but don’t care for anyone outside of the womb.

Similarly, a clinic volunteer outside screamed at the very peaceful pro-life protestors.

“I don’t care how many times you come out here, people are still gonna get abortions...You uphold white supremacy, you uphold the legacy of slavery, forced childbirth,” she yelled. 

No, pro-lifers just don’t want innocent babies to be killed — that’s literally it.

Robin Marty, from the West Alabama Women’s Center, suggested that the pro-lifers just view women as “possessions that were traded for cows." She further claimed that pro-lifers “like the idea of women as possessions, they like the idea of women as something that they can move around and bend around and will do whatever it is that they want. And what better way to do that than to have her exhausted and constantly pregnant.”

She added that pro-lifers don’t want women to have independence, as it's “not something that's part of their Christianity.” 

Yet again, Cooper had no critiques or questions to those barbaric and outlandish claims, but rather simply accepted them at face value.

Just past the halfway mark, the show presented the stories of six women who got abortions, five of them simply because they “didn’t want to be pregnant" with the sixth claiming that she didn’t want her son, whom she named Chace, to have any medical issues when he was born. 

With upbeat music, the episode highlighted how these women don’t regret their decisions.

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“Having an abortion was probably one of the best things that's ever happened to me” one said. Another explained how she would was glad to have an abortion so she could graduate and study abroad, and another so she could pursue her career. 

Marty jumped back into frame to offer a website to Cooper and her podcast listeners for where to seek the abortion pill online. She also brought up the protest where pro-aborts took abortion pills in front of the Supreme Court, saying, “That’s the kind of shit we need to be doing."

It’s ironic that Cooper now, all of a sudden, has started diving into political issues. Last year she claimed she didn’t want to get involved in politics, but here she is shoving the pro-abortion narrative down listeners' throats. 

That's where the disheartening part about this especially comes in. Cooper has a massive audience. In fact, roughly 3 million people listen to her podcast and, on other social media platforms, even more. A huge amount of people were just fed every fallacy, every lie, and every fabricated sentence that Cooper agreed with...and pushed.

This is what we’re dealing with folks. 

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