Salon: Clinton Won Debate... Except If You Count White Men

Zach Montanaro | October 10, 2016
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The writers at "Salon" would apparently like you to forget about a certain section of the country, because it really doesn’t fit their narrative.

After the second presidential debate was over, "Salon" published an article with the headline, “Hillary Won the Second Presidential Debate, Except If You Count White Men.”

Yes, in their desperate attempt to show any signs of positive spin for Clinton, "Salon" is apparently fine with writing off an entire demographic of the country.

The bigger picture, though, is the obvious race-baiting the article is trying to make. The article itself doesn’t even really go into any kind of specific racial examples, simply citing the focus group used by Republican pollster Frank Luntz, but without mentioning race at all. Luntz said that his focus group found Trump to be the winner of the debate.

Plus, can you imagine the backlash if that headline was reversed? Imagine seeing “Trump Won the Debate, Except If You Count Black Women.” Something like that would instantly be flagged as racist for the obvious undertone of writing off a section of voters on the sole basis of what race they are.

Thankfully, some people could find the humor in it:



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