Ricky Gervais Expertly Responds to Critics of Mega-Viral Golden Globes Monologue

Nick Kangadis | January 9, 2020

Ah, Ricky Gervais. The most divisive name in entertainment currently — and by divisive I mean that regular people are on one side and Hollywood and the media are on the other. The man literally prefaced everything he said on Sunday evening at the Golden Globes by saying that what he was about to say were “just jokes.”

Hollywood and the media must have selective understanding of the English language, because it seems that they weren’t very happy with Gervais’ “jokes" - which has garnered an amazing 12 million-plus views on YouTube in just four days.

Gervais, who everyone knows is pretty liberal politically, took to Twitter on Tuesday and Wednesday to provide a little context to his monologue and a rebuttal to all those that didn’t understand what Gervais was doing.

The first tweet in question came on Tuesday where Gervais seemed to have a response to “journalists” who lambasted the five-time Golden Globes host because they’re slaves to Hollywood.

Here’s the tweet:

It might’ve been a joke as well, but Gervais really shouldn’t be surprised that “journalists” — and I put that title in quotes because most of those people have no idea what true journalism is — were upset about his monologue.

But, Gervais wasn’t done there.

The following morning Gervais tweeted out a list, but not just any list. The list was kind of a “rules-to-live-by” short list. It’s not exactly clear who the list was directed towards, but I’m just guessing it was for the critics who couldn’t hold their apple sauce because they were crying so much over “jokes.”

Check out the list:


Just because Gervais is an admitted “liberal” and “snowflake” doesn’t mean he can get “it” — whatever “it” is. Funny is funny. Pretty much anything can be funny if presented in the right context, and Gervais understands that in spades.

Speaking of being a “liberal snowflake,” Gervais addressed that as well while very briefly explaining why he “roasted” Hollywood:

Look, Gervais might be a “liberal,” but he’s no “snowflake.” If he was, Gervais wouldn’t have been able to take the “jokes” he told about Hollywood, let alone be able to write those same jokes.

The moral of the story is that we don’t have to agree on everything. But, as long as we can laugh at ourselves — while also laughing at others — I don’t see what the big controversy was about “the monologue that shocked the world.”