Portland Police Refuse to Help Videographer After Being Charged at by Antifa: 'We're Not Going to Come Out and Save You'

Nick Kangadis | February 10, 2020
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What is it about Portland that makes the people in charge almost as bad as the cowards who masquerade around in all black? The Portland Police Bureau (PPB), in particular, has been repeatedly lenient over the last few years to the violent communists in Antifa.

Here's just another example.

The totally "anti-fascist" Antifa group showed up in downtown Portland in numbers on Saturday to counter-protest what Oregon Live called "a previous social media rumor that the Ku Klux Klan was organizing a white supremacy rally at or around the downtown Portland park Saturday."

Editor-at-large of The Post Millennial and conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who had previously been visciously assaulted by the Antifa mob, tweeted attention to one of the event's particularly egregious scenes, as captured by a "videographer" for the YouTube channel Stumptown Matters.

The videographer wrote in the YouTube video's description that he "was actually looking forward to siding with Antifa on this day" considering there was allegedly a planned KKK/white supremacist rally that never happened.

If the rally never happened, then why were Antifa members still trying to intimidate and assault people while defacing public monuments?

The videographer was merely trying to get footage of the event when at least a dozen Antifa members charged him. The videographer retreated towards riot police who told the man that they weren't going to help him.

"You running over there, we're not going to come out and save you, so you better come with a...different plan, like maybe go somewhere else, dude," the officer cowardly told the videographer. "We're not going to run out here and save you. You know what I mean?"

No, we don't know what you mean. What is the purpose of the Portland police even being there if they're not going to do their jobs? You know, "protect and serve." Who knows? Maybe they're just following orders and have no choice in the matter.

Here's video of the incident:


Here's the videographer's comments on the situation, as written in the description section of the YouTube video:

On Saturday February 8th 2020, Stumptown Matters went into Downtown Portland Oregon to film and document the protest of a KKK rally that was reported to take place that day.  When I arrived at the scene, I learned that the KKK cancelled their event.  I despise the KKK and racism in general. I was actually looking forward to siding with Antifa on this day. For they had real and legit racists to confront had the KKK followed through with their initial plans.  So ultimately I stood across the street from the Antifa Gathering and gazed upon them just to estimate the number of their turnout. which was probably 300 to 500 people. I was planning on leaving and I hadn't even begun filming yet. Then Luis Marquez called me out by name. I said hello and then I raised my camera to start filming the commotion.  Then a masked group of 20 or more people began to spread out and cross the street  from where Luis was standing and began to walk fast toward me. They had concealed objects or weapons in their hands. one of which was approaching me while shaking a can of pepper spray. I wanted no part of whatever intentions they had for me so I immediately abandoned my camera duties and sprinted to safety. I didnt want to be hurt or pepper sprayed and I didn't want to hurt any of them either. So running was the only sensible action to me at that moment. People can call me a pussy all day long until they are blue in the face. That's perfectly fine with me. I simply did not want to play and I got away unharmed.  My safe space happened to be the justice center where the riot police confronted me and told me that if I go back out where I was, then they wouldnt protect me.  Implying once again that masked thugs run the streets of portland Oregon and if you are targeted by them, then you are the problem according to portland police.

If the cops weren't going to help innocent people from being assaulted by Antifa, what's the point of even being there? The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is about as useful as its mayor, Ted Wheeler, which is to say not at all.

The most action the police in Portland saw over the weekend was on their keyboard, apparently. They posted multiple tweets about the events of the day, including their apparent lack of tolerance for "criminal activity," instead of protecting the people who pay their salaries.

"While the rally was being held and was peaceful, Portland Police officers stayed away," the police bureau said, according to Fox News. "However, some people in the group began acting in a violent, threatening manner against attendees who were legally capturing photos and videos."

Keep in mind what the videographer said in the last sentence of the YouTube description. If you are a target of Antifa, then the Portland Police consider you the problem. Again, the officers could just be following orders. This instance is just a little too much.