Cowards! Antifa Mob Attacks Gay Journalist During LGBT Pride Month

Nick Kangadis | July 1, 2019
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(Writer's Note: I don't typically like to use someone's sexual identity as political ammunition, but it's an attempt to prove a point that the activist group Antifa aren't who they say they are.)

Just take a good, long look at this:

The person being repeatedly assaulted in the video is Andy Ngo, an openly gay journalist who repeatedly covers the civil unrest carried out by the “domestic terrorist” cowards of Antifa.

According to Ian Miles Chong, who reported on the incident for Human Events:

Members of Rose City Antifa, numbering in the hundreds, organized as a counterprotest to a few dozen right-wing protesters from the Proud Boys and other rightist organizations, who announced their decision to demonstrate in three sites across the city. Police responded to the demonstrations by cordoning off various intersections and preventing the groups from clashing.

Caught in the crossfire was Ngo, an editor for Quillette and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal. He covered the unfolding protest by following a group of anarchist activists, some of whom he identified as “militant AntiFa” in his Periscope livestream.

The group quickly turned into a mob which targets the journalist.

Here's another angle of Ngo being attacked and assaulted by the violent thugs of Antifa, along with video of Antifa passing out "milkshakes":



That is a mob action. Antifa could be construed as cowards, but that would be an insult to actual cowards.

Following the attack, Ngo took to Twitter to make a public plea for help in gathering evidence on the people who assaulted him:


The Portland Police Department announced on Twitter that “some of the milkshakes thrown today [June 29th] during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement.”

For those that don’t know, when quick-dry cement makes contact with exposed skin it can be “corrosive to human tissue” because of the calcium oxide it contains. But yeah, milkshakes are totally harmless.

It’s kind of ironic that Antifa, who depicts themselves as a group that fights “fascists,” would publicly assault a gay Asian man during LGBT Pride Month. Some might even consider Antifa’s actions a hate crime.

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler, whose Twitter account is typically very active, has been silent - as of this writing - about the attack on Ngo, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise since Wheeler has done very little about Antifa in the past despite their repeated harassment of people in the area. Wheeler has already received criticism for his lack of action about the protest from this past weekend.

Here are pictures from Ngo’s Twitter account showing the aftermath of the attack on him:


Antifa describes themselves as a group fighting “fascists,” when in reality they use violent, authoritarian tactics that mimic the fascists they claim to combat.

A GoFundMe drive for Ngo’s “security and medical needs” was set up by conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, which also aims to raise funds for the “stolen equipment” Antifa allegedly took from Ngo during the attack.

The account has raised over $138,000, as of this writing, of the proposed $50,000 goal.

Ngo’s lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon, posted an update Sunday evening to Twitter on Ngo’s condition:


At least Ngo is going to be okay, but this type of attack — carried out by anyone on anyone — is not okay. I don’t care what your political affiliation might be, use your words. It doesn't matter what people like CNN's Chris Cuomo says to defend Antifa, it's not right.