COP 28 Climate Cultists Want Meat Back On Menu?

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 10, 2023
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The government gourmands and connected collectivists at air-conditioned COP 28, in Dubai just offered collectivism watchers another example “How It’s Done.”

Because, get this, some of the Climate Cult attendees, some of those gathering to rub elbows and pick our tax pockets while they issue plans to further corral our lives and attack our freedom? Yeah, some of those completely humble, totally peaceful authoritarians who told us to “Eateh ze bugzzz”?

They want their meat back.



Actually…they “kinda” want their “meat back.” It’s not about their menus at the desert confab. It's much bigger and longer-term, and it serves as that lesson in “How It’s Done.”

It’s all about lobbying to get certain cattle interests a spot at the world-regulatory table -- a table that shouldn't exist – and it’s a great example of how, once the regulatory framework is established (or close to it) or accepted philosophically, widespread normalcy bias sets in, and no one really questions that underlying immorality.

Future viewers usually just focus on getting "their interests" represented in the new power-plays of the "regulators,” and forget about eliminating the immoral “regulations” (i.e. government threats to force compliance by peaceful civilians) in the first place.

Thus we see Global News CA’s Nathaniel Dove explaining:

“As world leaders meet in Dubai at COP28 to discuss mitigating climate change and avoiding a disastrous rise in global temperatures, a group representing Canadian beef producers will argue to keep meat on the people’s plates.”

Which means, of course, that we have to mention the fact that there is no sign of a “disastrous rise in global temperatures” in the honest temperature data, but there are plenty of signs of data-manipulation by politically funded interests, and there is a lot of political and pop media hot air pushing the canard.

It also means that we have to defend against not just their climate fearmongering, but their astoundingly arrogant and baseless claims that they have some kind of moral authority over us to curtail what we might prefer to eat and to buy in markets.

As we know, when he wasn’t on one of his private jet flights, John Kerry already has told us that cattle-produced methane will bring about a climate apocalypse. As he did in 2009 when he claimed that the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets would melt within a few years (they didn’t, of course, so he is repeating the claim, within a new timeframe, while using – surprise – false data), John clearly knows best, and is ready to make us live by his diktats.

And, as we know, Al Gore – who, as a Senator in 1985, was so concerned about the “evil” influence of rock and roll that he and then-wifey Tipper helped spend taxpayer money on government “hearings” to annoy and grill rockers like Frank Zappa and Dee Snider – now is so concerned about promoting the climate grift, he just claimed that there’s a growing “mental health crisis” among younger people who, he spouts, are freaked out that the “authorities” just “aren't solving the climate crisis”!

So, of course, the UN is in on the overall grift, and the anti-meat sub-grift. Writes Dove:

“The UN had previously stated the rearing of livestock used very large amounts of land and created large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), which contribute to climate change.”

That kind of baseless statement – that kind of evil “Stalinism for The World” shamanism already has seen thousands of angry Dutch ranchers and farmers rise up in opposition to the forced culling of hundreds of thousands of cattle and swine. And it’s seen Irish ranchers fight a similar defense against the government, as innocent men and women struggle to continue their work and provide what consumers need.

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Pay no heed to the falsity of Climate Cult claims about ice sheets, temp, or the tripartite evil of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen. Don’t worry about the immoral arrogation of power over you and your neighbors. Don’t worry about relegating millions to poorer diets and harder lives. Have no worries about the US Constitution. Don’t worry about the fact that meat contains amino acids in some of the best forms for humans to consume, and pay no heed to Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie’s logical and correct November 27 series of X-Posts that begin with:

“Pastures can convert sunlight, animal waste, and CO2 into grass which is fuel for self propelled protein generating machinery we call cattle. The protein this system generates is imminently digestible by humans with no post-processing other than cutting and optional cooking…”

If you know any budding government grifters, tell them to pay attention and take notes to how the grift is established and perpetuated.

Their pattern usually should look like this: continually spout false alarms that pop media allies will not reveal are false. Weave unsupported, meaningless, undefined terms and catch-phrases into the public nomenclature, seeing them accepted in the pop media and political circles without question… Accuse anyone who questions them of being against something that’s already “established science” and of being “dangerous” (much like “Mask Mandate Mania,” my friends). Have meetings and push government-funded, politically-motivated, data-flimsy “studies” to reinforce the crisis rhetoric… Write “agreements” at these meetings that actually aren’t binding at all, are utterly immoral and assume power over others, but which get promoted as the “accords” that no one can question without being labeled “dangerous,” then, as the years pass and these grifters ride the boxcars they’ve added to the locomotive of legalese and lockdowns, impose actual legislation or “regulations” on national and international levels that never are eliminated, let alone questioned.

Then, once that’s the baseline, it’s a new paradigm: the system stays, and the only debate is about how that system is “run” – whose “ox” is gored by the Al Gore government gourmands…

Seeing the latest development at COP28 in Dubai, one understands that the final phase of the Climate Grift is upon us.

It started years ago with the very premise, the term “COP” standing for the rather bland “Conference of the Parties,” better understood as national gangs that first met in Berlin, circa 1995 then “joined” the so-called Kyoto Protocol of “greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.” The “protocol” was not a treaty and was never approved by Congress as legally binding, but was used as a “camel’s nose under the tent” to push alarmism, politically funded, data-bending “studies.”

And now, it’s reached the point where politicians want to ban efficient and reliable gas and Diesel engines, they’ve banned traditional lightbulbs, and they want to ban everything from wood-fired pizza ovens to gas stoves.

Will the future see each of those industries forced to spend cash on international lobbyists to snuggle with John Kerry and his ilk in order to dodge the heavy hand of the Climate Cult? Or will people stand up against the very concept that politicians can tell us what we peacefully can grow, eat, or buy?

The grift is tied to government, and government means threats. How about we call out all government threats, before it’s too late?

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