Biden & Blinken Have the Gall To Promote 'Press Freedom Day'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 6, 2024



Get this.

Joe Biden, whose entire career in the White House as both vice president and president has seen the most sweeping, deep, egregious, and aggressive censorship of Americans in national history, on May 3 actually displayed the unabashed audacity to issue a statement promoting the occasion of “World Press Freedom Day.”

This is not a joke.

When he wasn’t busy pleasantly recalling how the FBI "reached out" to Twitter to suppress the truth about his son’s laptop hard-drive, when he wasn’t enjoying the political advantage he, the Ministry of Truth, many other government agencies, and their collectivist allies have gained because the U.S. government actively worked to suppress dissent on everything from the COVID lockdowns to parental discomfort with woke pedagogy, he opined, in part:

“Journalists go to great lengths to expose corruption, document wars and other urgent world events, bring to light threats to public safety, and bring citizens the information they need to participate fully in their societies. Some journalists have given their lives to this work. Others have suffered grievous injuries or lost their freedom.”

Coming from the man who, as vice president, saw the Espionage Act targeted at more journalists and whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined, going back to the passage of the act during World War One, that is a perverse and infuriating statement. One wonders what Stella Assange and many members of the Australian Parliament thought about Biden’s gross grandstanding, since their appeal to have Assange allowed back to Australia has fallen on Biden’s deaf ears.

Not to be outdone, Biden’s obnoxious Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, chimed in with his own clownish, easily-refuted claim to adore a free press.

This would be Blinken, who remained very quiet as Ukraine arrested and saw DIE IN UKRAINIAN CUSTODY, American Journalist Gonzolo Lira.

But what is one to expect from fatuous self-congratulatory blowhards like Biden and Blinken and many of their ilk in DC?

We already have seen journalists such as Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi reveal the cozy financial and political relationships between so-called “federal police” agencies like the CIA and FBI and federal funding of censorship agencies based at universities, as well as FBI funding evidently tied to Twitter’s censorship of real news, reported by citizen journalists like you and many of your neighbors.

Last week reports emerged that thirteen banks allegedly worked with federal agencies to flag private purchasers of guns and BIBLES.

In November, Joe Biden issued an Executive Order to mandate that any software developer the feds target must turn over its programs and safety codes.

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Democrat and RiNO Senators last year tried to pass Senator Mark Warner’s (D-VA) “RESTRICT Act” to stifle online speech.

Politicians like Liz Warren (D-MA) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) also want to mandate licenses for the internet – in their case, pushing the licensing mandate onto “large” (as they define the word) social media sites, and threatening to revoke the licenses when the gub-ment doesn’t like what’s on the sites.

Perhaps they’ll receive some pushback. After all, when former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in 2006 that he thought it prudent to have all internet content approved or banned by a “panel of judges,” and that he thought said panel should be composed of people who all had obtained military experience, the response from even an ardent leftist like Keith Olberman was appropriately negative.

Of course, Olberman’s stance on freedom of speech is about as solid as a sandcastle in the rain.

Which brings us to the three most recent examples that belie the Biden peacock display of some love free speech.

First, Biden seems to have forgotten that his administration currently is fighting to support its aggressive attempts to silence medical professionals who had spoken against lockdowns during the so-called “pandemic.” That’s the case of “Murthy v. Missouri” and the Bidenistas are using your tax money to argue for censorship.

Let’s not forget Biden’s inflammatory rhetoric and support for the federal ban of TikTok, despite using the app himself. This, while the U.S. government steals our cash to subsidize the federally-created propaganda monolith of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Finally, there’s the new revelation, brought to us by The Brownstone Institute:

“In March 2021, the Biden White House initiated a brazenly unconstitutional censorship campaign to prevent Americans from buying politically unfavorable books from Amazon. 

The effort, spearheaded by White House censors including Andy Slavitt and Rob Flaherty, began on March 2, 2021, when Slavitt emailed Amazon demanding to speak to an executive about the site’s ‘high levels of propaganda and misinformation and disinformation.’” 

Yes, their love of a free press goes to such towering heights, it looks like the feds pushed Amazon to pull BOOKS.

It sure is odd that Biden and Blinken didn’t mention that.

It’s almost, heck, ORWELLIAN.

But that’s a scary word, and perhaps Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken can work to ban it from the comfortable statist lexicon they shove down our throats.

Even as they claim they adore freedom of the press.

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