Document Suggests Nat. School Boards Assoc. 'Actively Engaged' Biden Admin. While Calling Parents 'Terrorists'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 15, 2021

On October 5, MRCTV reported on a gross – and clearly artificial – “entreaty” by the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to the Biden Justice Department and its creepy head, Attorney General Merrick Garland.
It was a “letter” that made sweeping, unwarranted claims about concerned parents and other taxpayers who might oppose various aspects of public school pedagogy or might oppose the concept of tax-funded schooling itself - one that went so far as to label such parents "domestic terrorists" simply for speaking out at events like school board meetings against dictatorial mask mandates, floated COVID vaccine requirements, and left-wing propaganda in "education" curriculums. 

On October 10, we also noted that Garland’s son-in-law is part of a big corporation that makes money off promulgating aspects of ahistorical, collectivist, race-baiting “Critical Race Theory” in tax-funded schools, and that this NSBA “letter” seemed like it appeared to be just too “coincidental” to Garland swiftly pushing the FBI to “investigate” parents for the two to simply be coincidental.

And now, after school bureaucracies in 26 states have “distanced” themselves from the NSBA position and claims, and after 11 states have withdrawn their school boards from the NSBA, a new report further indicates that the NSBA-Biden narrative might have been coordinated.

Caroline Downy reports for National Review:

Internal documents released Thursday confirm that the National School Boards Association coordinated with the White House before formally sending a letter to the Biden administration requesting federal intervention to probe and potentially prosecute parents for threatening school administrators.

What? Ya mean this might have been prefabricated? A piece of propaganda coming from a radically left-wing, politically connected posse of education bureaucrats who seem to think they not only know better how to raise kids than the kids’ parents do, but who appear to willfully misrepresent the concerns of parents in order to stifle opposition to their leftist ideology?

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How could that be?

In an October 12 memo, obtained by the nonprofit Parents Defending Education, NSBA president Viola Garcia stated that the organization had been “actively engaged” with federal departments including the White House, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, before sending their letter to the president.

It sure is great that these people get paid to tell kids what and how to think, that they get paid through the forced expropriation of other folks’ money, and that they don’t show any hint of contempt for the prey on whom they feed, even as they try to prevent free-market competition from offering any alternatives.

Chip Slaven, NSBA’s interim executive director, wrote in a September 29 email that the letter, which characterized parents as potential ‘domestic terrorists,’ was revised to include details of ‘specific threats’ at White House staff’s urging. As a result, the NSBA letter cited 24 local news outlet items detailing ‘threats’ parents leveled against school board members, the vast majority of which did not constitute criminal threats.

And, of this new revelation, NR’s Downy writes:

During a September 14 meeting, the executive directors of the group’s state chapters were notified that the NSBA had spoken with the White House about the letter that same day, Garcia claims in her memo. While the state chapters appear to have been given some advanced warning that a letter requesting federal intervention would be sent, they do not appear to have been given any specifics regarding the harsh language that would be used.

If only there were some way, some peace-embracing, voluntary, way to get around all these tricksters and frauds.

If only there was a method of teaching kids that has proven successful, and that actually comprised the bulk of American education history…

Something like… not forcing people to pay for schools.

What a novel idea.

One wonders if Merrick Garland and the folks at the NSBA are formulating a new narrative to paint freedom as terroristic and evil, as well.

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