Former 'Ministry of Truth' Head Now a Registered Foreign Agent

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 27, 2022
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For a few wonderful weeks, Americans got to enjoy the lovely sound of political hypocrisy, translated into song.

Yes, everything from the hypocrisy of the George W, Bush administration creating the Constitution-defying, Teutonic-sounding “Department of Homeland Security,” to the Biden Department of so-called “Justice” and his Attorney General Merrick Garland secretly working with the leftist heads of the National School Boards Association to label as “potential terrorists” concerned parents who air their grievances at local school and town meetings all seemed to combine, all seemed to fuse in the early days of May, manifested in the figure of DHS’s singing “Ministry of Truth” Direktor Nina Jankowicz.

She was the embodiment of gaslighting, taking a position with a government-run speech policing unit that, amazingly, portrayed itself as a fighter against fascism. Completely oblivious to the dark irony, she, the state arbiter of correct speech, even sang a reworking of Mary Poppins’ “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” accusing others of lying, fascism, and various forms of “hate.”

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It all was enough to see her step aside, but not before she had ample opportunities to promote her little book making the same elitist claim to be able to label the speech of others as “propagandistic” and “hateful." And she didn’t high-tail it until the feds seemingly had her replacement, the slippery “made-tons-off-airport-scanners” Deep-State cog and former DHS head Michael Chertoff, prepped to take her place at the bizarrely titled “Disinformation Governance Board.”

In other words? The Ministry of Truth still exists, contrary to the Constitution and basic ethics, and Nina Jankowicz is back in the news, as well…

This time, she’s singing as a propagandist for foreign interests.

According to Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak:

“Nina Jankowicz, the would-be “disinformation czar” who was dropped from the Department of Homeland Security after public scrutiny, has now registered officially as a foreign agent, according to government records.”

And those government records show that she has filed as a representative in D.C. for the London-based “Center for Information Resilience.”

So, evidently, she’s opposed to propaganda, unless she’s getting paid to push it as a lobbyist in Washington.

But just what is this nebulous-sounding “Center for Information Resilience” (CIR), and why does information have to be given the added qualifier of “resilient”? If it’s truthful, factual, and validly believable, can’t it be set free without teams of people handling it?

The CIR appears to be a leftist narrative-promoter populated by leftists who have extensive backgrounds already pushing burdensome leftist narratives. For example, the President of CIR is Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who formerly worked, not as a plumber or the proprietor of another customer-serving business, but as a politician in the EU and, more important, as Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (2004-2006), and as Foreign Minister of Estonia (1996-2002), where “he led Estonia’s EU and NATO accession process.”

So, you can assess for yourself how “informationally resilient” the CIR positions will be when compared to reality, peace, and an end to US and EU meddling, worldwide.

And since Nina’s latest “report” for CIR appears to be an amplification of her Ministry of Truth gaslighting technique – that being to label as “hateful” those Americans who rightfully defended free speech against her libelous and treacherous smears – it looks like the CIR also will be using that rhetorical smear technique to continue labeling “hateful” anyone who opposes leftists in the political or social spheres worldwide.

Yes, when you’re looking for a thrilling read, just check out her exciting screed, “Announcing The Hypatia Project: Combating Gendered Abuse and Disinformation” – and remember, if you criticize those who would use government to shut you down? That’s hateful and reflective of either “White Supremacy,” “Fascism,” “Sexism,” “LGBTQ Phobia” or some other kind of psychoanalytic term they can bandy about to try to relegate your information and opinions to the dustbin.

So, it appears that Nina isn’t really singing a different tune. She’s just singing it for a foreign organization that will pay her to lobby for their cause in Washington, where a whole lot of assumptive politicians think they can play with our money.

And they all sing happily, as they head to the bank to deposit the checks.

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