NJ Gov. Signs 7 Anti-Gun Bills, Including DATA COLLECTION of Ammo Buys

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 6, 2022
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When answering FoxNews’ Tucker Carlson’s April, 2020, question about how he could reconcile his authoritarian and unconstitutional statewide lockdowns with the Bill of Rights that he swore to abide, NJ Governor Phil Murphy (D) offered a glib and galling, “That’s above my pay-grade, Tucker. I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when I did this.”

And it seems that, despite God granting him two years to end his willful ignorance, NJ Governor Phil Murphy (D) continues to live in the same bubble of blindness. He signed on July 5 seven blatantly anti-constitutional bills that attack the natural right to keep and bear arms, and he appears arrogantly eager to congratulate himself about it.

NBC 4 New York reports:

“Previewing what could be more legislation to come, he said there’s more work to be done, particularly on how New Jersey will address the Supreme Court striking down its “justifiable need” requirement to carry a handgun. Murphy said after signing the new laws that in response to the court’s expansion of gun rights, he wants to see the Democrat-led Legislature address where handguns can and cannot be carried, as well as expanding the list of people prohibited from carrying.”

Which, of course, means one must address the errant reporting, as well as the posturing of the politician.


Simply put, and as I wrote last week, the Supreme Court ruling in the “NY State Rifle and Pistol Assoc. v. Bruen” case did not “expand gun rights.”

The right to keep and bear arms preexists the Supreme Court and all forms of government. The SCOTUS ruling simply (and half-heartedly) cut back some of the New York political weeds strangling that right. The ruling refuted the claim of the NY government that it could tell citizens what was a “proper cause” for them to carry a gun outside the home. Is it too much to ask a media outlet to take a fraction of a second to use logic, know a smidgen of history, and understand the language, before their reporters and editors make fools of themselves?

Of course, when it comes to making a fool of himself, Phil Murphy far surpasses TV4.

“In the wake of horrific mass shootings in Highland Park, Illinois, Uvalde Texas, and Buffalo, New York, it is necessary that we take action in order to protect our communities.”

You know those communities… Those would be the ones he shut down with business closure edicts, school closures, fines, and church closures, and which he wants to force onto a centrally-controlled “electric only” grid for heat (banning oil and natural gas) by 2050.

Has Murphy bothered to note that the Uvalde police are being criticized for their lassitude as the murderer (who, curiously, was not paying attention to statutes telling him murder was verboten) attacked children in that “community?” Is Murphy aware of the fact that, as far back as 2019, police were aware of, and prosecutors did nothing about, the alleged killer in Highland Park? Does Murphy know that the “gun laws” didn’t stop the killer, and the “gun laws” also didn’t stop the murderers who killed eight and injured sixty over the weekend in Lori Lightfoot’s gun-“control” nirvana of Chicago, just a few miles away from Highland Park?

Is he aware that, as Bearing Arms reported in May, the alleged attacker in the Buffalo incident is said to have chosen his target BECAUSE of NY anti-gun statutes that made it less likely for the criminal to encounter armed targets?

Or is he as willfully ignorant of those facts as he is of the Bill of Rights?

Among the stellar statutes Murphy signed into law, New Jersey residents can look forward to these attacks on their rights:

 A new spin on the “sue the gun-makers” for the wrongdoing of the user. Now, the NJ Attorney General will be able to bring euphemistically titled “public nuisance” claims against gun manufacturers and others who market firearms. (Funny, I thought it was politicians and others who take people’s money against their will who are “public nuisances,” and that people engaged in voluntary exchange were peaceful and hands-off.)

 New Jersey will expand its arbitrary requirement for “training.” In the past, the state maintained politically-written, arbitrary blocks to carrying a gun by requiring what politicians said were “training” standards (always open to redefinition, expansion, etc), and now, it will force those requirements onto ANYONE wishing to purchase a gun.

As TV4 notes, one of the bills Murphy signed will:

“Hold those moving from out of state to New Jersey to the permitting requirements residents must follow. That means applying for a purchasers permit within 60 days and registering weapons with law enforcement.”

In other words, if you rightfully own a firearm in another state and move to New Jersey, you will be set back to square-one, placed in the same position as any NJ resident who wants to buy a new gun.

This opens a window into a major national issue, which is that the US Constitution has within it (so Murphy likely is unaware) something called “The Full Faith and Credit” clause. It mandates that any and all legal documents that are recognized in one state must be recognized in all states.

That’s how you can rent a car or drive in states other than the one that issued your “driver’s license” – the states are supposed to reciprocally recognize legal licenses.

So, despite the fact that the very act of “licensing” a person to get a gun is forbidden by the Second Amendment, even on this unjustified standard, one can see that if a person has a gun license from one state, New Jersey and all others are supposed to recognize it as legal. Period.

Then there’s this:

“Require gun sellers to retail so-called microstamping firearms — weapons that imprint each round of ammunition with identifying information once such technology is certified to be available by the state attorney general.”

Really? Require? Is Murphy catering to the 1930s Fascist Italy vote? How about he stop TELLING people what they can sell, and, instead, open his own shop? Perhaps he’s also ignorant of the early Twentieth Century Armenian genocide, in which the Ottoman Turks registered and confiscated firearms before they slaughtered over a million people.

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Another of Murphy’s new delights will Ban .50-caliber guns.

And Murphy will “increase the penalties for people who purchase firearms parts to manufacture weapons without serial numbers from a third-degree crime to a second-degree crime, taking the possible punishments from 3 to 5 years in prison to 5 to 10.”

Because, of course, no one has a right to own or trade a firearm that isn’t marked according to political edicts. How DARE anyone think otherwise. That kind of thinking is what led to Lexington and Concord, where very, very peaceful, tax-paid, gun-toting agents of King George tried to carry out their very, very peaceful “power” to disarm dirty, evil, and wicked farmers and tradesmen in Massachusetts, circa 1775.

And, finally, we see this…

New Jersey now will require those buying ammunition to sign onto a state registry to track the ammo sales. That’s an electronic database. For ammo.

Have no doubts. This is a wide-sweeping, oppressive, and arrogant attack on the right to keep and bear arms – a right that, as such, is supposed to be completely untouched by people like Murphy.

Virginia revolutionary titan George Mason once said:

“To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

And, though claiming ignorance of the Bill of Rights, it seems as if Phil Murphy is quite aware of the above reality.

He has shown that he has no problem treating law-abiding people like slaves, even as criminally-minded people pay no attention to his utopian gun-grab ideas.

Now, he is doubling-down, and seems delighted about it.

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