New CA Bill Would Force Parents Of Schoolkids To Reveal Firearm Ownership, Storage Locations

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 14, 2022

A California State Senator who embraces the fraudulent Planned Parenthood canard that killing another human being is a privacy-oriented “healthcare decision” recently introduced a bill that attacks real privacy, even as it smashes the right to keep and bear arms and exposes his utterly stunning lack of historical awareness when it comes to mass murder.

The man is Anthony Portantino. He’s the State Senator for CA District 25 (covering Pasadena, a portion of Glendale, part of Burbank), and if you were visiting Facebook in 2019, you might have seen him dressed up in suit and tie, surrounded by blood-red-shirted Planned Parenthood supporters, stating his emphatic support for the tax-subsidized baby-vivisectionist mill, and ignorantly claiming that “Planned Parenthood is healthcare!”

Now, this towering hypocrite is pushing SB-906, the so-called “School Safety; Mass Casualty Threats; Firearms Disclosure” bill, a proposal that actually WILL invade privacy, via the already-privacy-invading, parent-smothering, public school morass of California.

Many thanks to my friend, YouTube creator Liberty Doll for first alerting me to this insulting and tyrannical Portantino push. As she noted in her recent video on the matter, and the legislation states that it would mandate that local education agencies:

…require the parents or guardians of a pupil to disclose whether any firearms are located at the home of the pupil and to answer questions about the ownership, storage, and accessibility by the pupil of the firearms.

Because it’s not enough that parents and other residents be forced, at ever-present state gunpoint, to give up their cash for the bizarre (remember when schools in CA had kids chant to Aztec gods of human sacrifice?) government indoctrination camps they call schools, now, as a condition of sending a kid to one of the schools, Senator Portantino wants to force parents to reveal whether they own firearms, and where and how they are stored.

For the record, this is the same Anthony Portantino who has made a big show of promoting Armenian history (I think you know where this is headed....)

He not only helped “secure” nearly $10 million in CA tax cash to go to the creation of the Armenian American Museum, he attended the groundbreaking ceremony in Glendale, to have his pic taken while holding the magic “golden shovel.”

Senator Portantino seems to be good at shoveling, but it’s not soil.

He’s also promoted on his “official” (i.e. taxpayer-funded) government website his involvement with the California Armenian Legislative Caucus’ “Scholarship Contests” to “Raise Awareness of the Armenian Genocide.”

Perhaps one of the contestants in the two competitions mentioned on his site can remind Senator Portantino that the key precursor to the Armenian Genocide was…

The infringement of the right to keep and bear arms.

As historian and author Stephen P. Halbrook wrote for the Independent Institute in 2015, the Ottoman slaughter of an estimated 800,000 to 1.5 million Armenians in World War One came after a series of firearm ownership identification decrees and the disarmament of the Armenian victims.

In case Senator Portantino has forgotten, or never learned, let’s offer him some of the pertinent information. Writes Halbrook:

…Ottoman law made it a crime to possess a firearm without government permission. The Armenians, as British traveler H. F. B. Lynch wrote in 1901, were ‘rigorously prohibited from possessing firearms.’

After the Ottomans joined Germany in World War I—and a British invasion seemed imminent—the Turks decided to deport the Armenians, who they considered untrustworthy, to the interior. This deportation process became a death march, as thousands, and then tens of thousands, were murdered on their way to nowhere.

Never forget, Senator Portantino…

The 1915 deportation decree imposed the death penalty not only for armed resistance, but also for hiding or even helping someone else hide. The Ottomans also decreed that any firearms the Armenians possessed were to be surrendered to the government. Failing to do so, the decree said, ‘will be very severely punished when the arms are discovered.’

And don’t forget, all you scholarship contestants, Senator Portantino is very interested in remembering the Armenian genocide… He’s not merely virtue-signaling, not just posturing.

He’s not a massive hypocrite on more than privacy, but on history and the right to self-defense.

Ottoman authorities swept down on Armenian towns to search for guns. Villagers were tortured to induce confessions about hidden arms. Mass executions were ordered.

And, should the good Senator claim that he won’t be forcing anyone to give up the gun info, that, somehow, it’s an “option” for parents, an “if-then” such that “if” they want to send their kids to the indoctrination centers called public schools, they “then” must accept the terms he and the government lay out, some scholars might want to remind him that there’s an established US jurisprudential precedent called “Unconstitutional Conditions.”

Generally speaking, the doctrine prohibits local, state, or federal governments from forcing people to “give up” a right on condition of receiving some “government benefit” (as the politicians portray their poisonous creations).

This is not a game, and it is an ill-omened stage for posturing. Senator Portantino has willingly placed himself in a position of eating off the backs of taxpayers, and claiming powers to tell them how to live, what they must fund, and how they will be punished if they do not comply.

Every aspect of his conceit is vile…

…As are his bill, his stance on “privacy”, and his shocking disregard for a history he supposedly wants people to remember – even as he embraces the same anti-gun-rights mentality that was a lynchpin of the Armenian Genocide.


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