California Bill Requiring Parents to Register Guns For Kids To Attend School Fails

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 3, 2022
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Following up – but not wrapping up – a story on which MRCTV reported February 14, leftists in the California Assembly who attempted to create a backdoor gun registry via the public school system have failed to pass their bill.

The legislation was entitled SB-906, and it was proposed by State Senator Anthony Portantino, a politician from District 25 (covering Pasadena, a portion of Glendale, part of Burbank), who not only claims that “Planned Parenthood is healthcare,” but who also signals his faux-virtue about the Armenian genocide, even as he pushes anti-rights legislation that would parallel the kinds of gun registries and restrictions that preceded that very genocide.

At the time, CBS News in Los Angeles reported that Portantino boasted about his unconstitutional, authoritarian bill:

What the bill says is, when you register your kid for school, you have to notify the school that there’s a gun in your house and whether it’s adequately safely stored and whether your child has access to the gun.

All of which is unconstitutional and adds the insult of claiming that the state, composed of bloviating hypocrites like Portantino, can define what is “adequate” storage of one’s own tool for self-defense.

And, of course, if the state did not think you had stored it as the state desired? They would send armed agents, funded by the taxpayers, to attack said taxpayers.

Welcome to Politics 101.

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And, as Awr Hawkins writes for Breitbart, many California politicians are not averse to utterly disregarding the right to keep and bear arms:

California gun controls include universal background checks, a gun registry, an ‘assault weapons’ ban, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, a limit on the number of guns a law-abiding citizen can purchase each month, a ‘good cause’ requirement for concealed carry permit issuance, a red flag law, a ban on campus carry for self-defense, and a ban on K-12 teachers possessing guns for classroom defense.

The AP observed that California also ‘requires background checks for people buying ammunition.’

Not only do all of those standing "rules" represent blatant breaches of the right to keep and bear arms and the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment forbidding any level of government from infringing on that right, the provision of a state statute that forbids K-12 teachers from possessing guns for classroom defense, and this most recent Portantino proposal, represent what are called “Unconstitutional Conditions” – conditions that governments place on the recipients of “government benefits” such as school, or a job, in order for the recipients to get the tax-funded “benefit.”

As I noted in February:

Generally speaking, the doctrine prohibits local, state, or federal governments from forcing people to ‘give up’ a right on condition of receiving some ‘government benefit’ (as the politicians portray their poisonous creations).

Now, the SB-906 proposal has failed, 5-2, in the Senate Education Committee, with numerous Democrats opposing it.

But, as long-gone political philosophers have warned, the very fact that a “legislature is in session” means two things.

First, you are being victimized and forced to pay for the “legislature” in this supposed “land of the free."

Second, more of your rights are in danger, and the U.S. Constitution has, at best, only been a speed-bump on the road to tyranny.

This isn’t a victory against Portantino and his ilk. It’s simply a temporary halt in the long, angering retreat of rights under assault from a man who already works within one of the many political institutions that claims the power to take your earnings and make you its serf.

Government is just people claiming power over others. From that arrogation of basic human rights, infinite troubles spring forth. It’s good to see this news, but, from it, larger lessons about the nature of hypocritical power versus individual will can be learned.

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