How Much Fetal Tissue Would This Abortion Exec Have to Sell to Buy Her Lamborghini?

Corwin Parks | July 22, 2015
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In the undercover sting video put out by Center for Medical Progress, the president of Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council, Dr. Mary Gatter, is seen negotiating prices for the selling of fetal tissue, what she calls “specimen.” Toward the end of the video, Dr. Gatter cavalierly states that she wants a Lamborghini. Dr. Gatter says this after talking about potentially raising the prices per fetal tissue specimen based on, essentially, the going “market rate.”

The three figures thrown out in the video are $75 per specimen, $100 per specimen, and $150 per specimen. Let’s crunch the numbers and see how many specimen Dr. Gatter would need to sell if she were to actually buy a Lambo. lists four Lambo models: the 2015 Aventador (Starting MSRP $397,500 ‐ $548,800), the 2015 Huracan (Starting MSRP $237,250 ‐ $237,250), the 2014 Aventador (Starting MSRP $397,500 - $548,800), and the 2014 Gallardo (Starting MSRP $181,900 - $259,100). Based on the math, on the high end, Dr. Gatter would need to sell about 7,317 specimen for a 2015 50th Anniversario Style, Aventador. On the low end, she would need to sell about 1,213 specimen for a base model 2014 Gallardo.

Another figure Dr. Gatter threw out was their volume, how many abortions they conduct a year, at about 800 at their regional enterprise. So, if Dr. Gatter were to sell one specimen per abortion, on the high end, it would take her about nine years before she could afford a 2015 Aventador. On the low end, it would take her about a year and a half to afford a base model 2014 Garllardo. This is assuming she pockets the money she would get per specimen. Pretty morbid, I know, but it also helps paint a picture on how life may be viewed at Planned Parenthood - figures on a spreadsheet in order to get a lavish car. 

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