You Are FAKE NEWS: Cuomo Cooks Up Right-Wing ‘Markle Madness’ Obsession

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 9, 2021
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With noticeably bloodshot eyes, CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo spent most of his A-block cooking up a fake news story about how everyone in the Republican Party was supposedly obsessed with former British royal Meghan Markle. According to his completely fabricated theory, the right was experiencing “Markle madness” because they hated minorities and wanted to take away voting rights.

Fredo cited absolutely ZERO evidence as he spouted off nonsense about Markle and Dr. Seuss being the reason congressional Republicans didn’t want to help struggling Americans with the COVID relief bill:

Question: Why is the most sweeping legislation in decades to help lift Americans out of poverty just hours away from passing, but without any support from the right side of the aisle? The answer: Meghan Markle and a doll lop of Dr. Seuss.

Let me argue. Many of the rights party’s constituents are struggling from a pandemic that they long denied. But with a president they want to lose, they’re making a choice: duck real problem-solving in favor of culture fights. Be a true opposition party. One that opposes whatever it can as a proxy for getting anything done. They are simply against. And the top of the list is against owning the reality of racism.

It was a continuation of the hate-filled screed he spewed against congressional Republicans the previous night.


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