'Why Mislead Folks?' Wallace Grills Buttigieg on Infrastructure Lies

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 11, 2021
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While the liberal media were helping to push along President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure slush fund, where only six percent actually went to infrastructure, Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace called out Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the rest of the administration for lying to the American public about how many jobs would be created by the plan (by over 16 million) and lying about where the U.S. ranked in the world on infrastructure.

Wallace immediately set the tone of the interview by rhetorically slapping the Transportation Secretary with a cold fact-check. He exposed how the Biden administration was using hyperbole to suggest American infrastructure was lagging behind the rest of the world:

You all like to say that U.S. infrastructure is ranked 13th in the world, but our colleague Chuck Layne of The Washington Post did some interesting research, three of the nations ahead of us on that list are Singapore, Hong Kong, and United Arab Emirates, which are tiny states and hardly comparable. Of the ten largest countries geographically, including China and Russia, the U.S. actually ranks first.

“So secretary, not to say that everything is fine, but why not be straight about the actual conditions here in the U.S. to the American people,” Wallace pressed.


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