The View: 'Ridiculous' for Kavanaugh to Fear Liberal Mob Hunting Him

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 11, 2022
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Last week, conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family were forced to flee a D.C. restaurant out the back door after an angry liberal mob gathered outside the front entrance. Of course, this came after a liberal extremist attempted to assassinate the Justice at his home. But the wicked coven of ABC’s The View returned from their vacation on Monday and decried the protectionary absconding as pure “hypocrisy” and “ridiculous.”

Getting to this “hop topic” after a commercial break, Whoopi Goldberg touted how “President Biden considers whether to declare a public health emergency to expand abortion access, he's encouraging Americans to keep protesting, and millions have been taking it to the streets.”

Goldberg and faux Republican Ana Navarro openly mocked how the Kavanaugh family were forced to leave the restaurant.