The View: The Poors Need to Stop Caring About Affording Food

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 1, 2024
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No, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. During Monday’s pre-taped edition of ABC’s The View, the liberal ladies whined about average Americans who worried about making ends meet and being able to afford food under the weight of Bidenomics. They seriously argued that Americans were better off under President Biden than they were under President Trump, and brought on a millionaire actress to downplay the struggles of average Americans.

The cast was triggered by a Republican Party campaign message asking the electorally famous question of “are you better off than you were four years ago?” The question was meant to have people ponder how well things had improved from the start of a president’s first term. But since four years ago was the heart of the pandemic, The View pounced.

“So, why is it that some people are having short memory issues? There are plenty of other reasons to feel good about where we actually are. So, why isn't that tracking?” moderator Whoopi Goldberg lamented to the rest of the table.


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