The View: Phillips Has ‘a Lot’ of ‘Arrogance’ to Take on ‘GOAT’ Biden

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 30, 2023
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Since last Friday, ABC News has avoided mentioning President Biden’s new primary challenger Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN) on their flagship newscasts (Good Morning America and World News Tonight). They relegated all mentions of Phillips’ campaign to side programming like America This Morning (at 5 a.m.), This Week (their Sunday show), and The View, which spent part of their Monday episode railing against Phillips for having “a lot” of “arrogance” for thinking he could challenge Joe Biden, “the GOAT” of presidents.

After playing a sound bit of Phillips’ interview with CBS News, racist and anti-Semitic co-host Sunny Hostin shouted: “Who is that?!” She then proceeded to ridiculously suggest that Phillips shouldn’t have jumped into the race without first turning out the entire Democratic Party base ahead of time and how dare he run against the savior of the country:

That's my problem. It’s like, I think if you are going to take on a president who has done so much for this country so far, and has restored in many ways the soul of this country, which was his promise, you've got to have some kind of name recognition I think. You need – I need to be excited. I need to -- you need to be able to get the young voters out. You need to get the independents out. You need to get the black folks out. I looked at him, like, okay.

Fake conservative Ana Navarro, who once bragged about introducing her “wealth clients” to allegedly corrupt Democratic Senator Bob Menendez (NJ), discounted Phillips as just a “wealthy guy in his 50s having a midlife crisis and I guess instead of buying a convertible corvette or a building a yacht, he decided to run for president.”


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