The View Hypocrites RAGE at NBC Hiring Former RNC Chairwoman McDaniel

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 25, 2024
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The revolving door between American politics and the media only becomes an issue when the wannabe gatekeepers don’t like who comes through. The mean girls of ABC’s The View had their knives out for former Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Monday after she was hired by NBC News to be a commentator. And their infamous hypocrisy was on full display as they decried her for doing what many of their friends did to get into the business, including some of the cast members themselves.

Following a clip of NBC chief political analyst Chuck Todd melting down on Meet the Press over the weekend, faux conservative Ana Navarro lacked self-awareness when she decried McDaniel as “a shapeshifter” who “says and does what's convenient for her to say and do when it's convenient.”

Navarro commended Todd for being “very right” for “calling into question on the air” the decision of NBC to hire McDaniel. She then proved just how part of the swamp she was by bragging about being personal friends with the boss of NBCUniversal News Group and scolding him:

The head of NBC News is a good friend of mine from Miami, Cesar Conde. I've known him for over 20 years. I think this was a mistake because you're allowing somebody who was part of the machine – right? -- a figurehead, a household name, reinvent herself. And I do think that there's credibility issues, and it's up to the hosts, the journalists, the staff, the viewers to make it known if they are unhappy about it.

Her comment about McDaniel being a “household name” was also evidence of just how far removed Navarro was from average Americans, who didn’t make their money spewing hate about political figures on TV.


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