The View Fantasizes About Secretly Drugging Men With Infertility Pills

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 25, 2022
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In a segment that would undoubtedly get them fired if they were men, the cackling coven of ABC’s The View spent part of their Friday conjuring session fantasizing about drugging men with “a male contraceptive pill” that has “impressive results in lab mice” and has the side effect of infertility. Of course, they went with the criminal route of suggesting women should crush the pills and put them in food if their partners wouldn’t take it willingly.

For co-host Sara Haines (who has three kids), it was all about giving men an ultimatum: “offer them the snip versus the pill.” “Why would men take it if they can get the women to take it,” rotational co-host Ana Navarro proclaimed.

“As long as we start taking it off their plate and we continue assuming the responsibility and we're not teaching our little boys and young sons that they have equal responsibility,” Navarro decried. “Listen, as long as they can get away with not doing anything, they will. They don't even want to wear condoms for God's sakes.”


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