The View DECRIES Trump Prosecutor…Because She Charged a Georgia Rapper

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 28, 2023
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The liberal cast of ABC’s The View finally voiced outrage against the Georgia district attorney who was going after former President Trump, Fani Willis. It wasn’t because she was using the RICO statute to go after a former president and his aides, they were upset she used RICO to charge rapper Young Thug and his coconspirators on gang and other violent charges, including murder. They were particularly upset that a judge permitted Willis to use some of Young Thug’s lyrics to back up her case. They even suggested that Willis, who’s black, was sending racist “dog whistles.”

When introducing the segment, moderator Whoopi Goldberg incorrectly called Willis “District Attorney Fani Wallace.” Perhaps that was an underhanded dig comparing her segregationist George Wallace. Goldberg suggested the citation of lyrics in court was a “slippery slope, because if it's -- if we're looking at lyrics, do we go after Bob Marley now, say, I shot the sheriff but I didn't shoot the deputy?”

Co-host Joy Behar compared Young Thug to impactful English writer Charles Dickens, in that he was only writing about stuff he experienced.


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