UNCENSORED: CNN’s John King Curses Out Trump Over ‘Bullsh*t Attack’

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 20, 2020
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Not long after President Trump and the coronavirus task force concluded the heated press conference in the White House briefing room on Friday, CNN host John King kicked off the network’s likely obsession over one moment: Trump’s argument with NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander. King’s first reaction was to curse out the President, uncensored, and on live TV by calling it a “bullshit attack.”

As NewsBusters reported previously, Alexander’s question was an underhanded attempt to accuse the President of spreading “false hope” in a time of crisis. As things got heated, Trump responded by accurately noting Alexander was engaging in sensationalism.

“I sat in that room for just shy of 10 years. It was a perfectly valid question. What he did to Alexander is reprehensible,” King self-righteously declared as he introduced CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

Calling what happened a “Trump trademark,” King lashed out and cursed out the President. “It was striking that this came this, forgive me, bullshit attack on fake news came just moments after the Secretary of State said the American people have to be careful about where they get their information and go to sources they can trust,” he decried.

Further trying to defend Alexander, King suggested: “That was a 100 percent legitimate question with no hype, no shade, no bias. He just wanted to attack.”


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