TV News Skips School Board Covering Up Bathroom Rape to Pass Trans Policy (Part 2)

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 12, 2021
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***


In his interview on The Ingraham Angle, Smith explained that he wasn’t a political person and he had gone to the school board meeting “to find out why our children weren’t safe.” And in recounting his experience, he recalled how radical liberal activist claimed what happened to his daughter didn’t really happen. Even the school board tried to discredit his story by citing no evidence and calling it a “red herring.”

“No, they were tuning us all out. They were looking away. They were reading magazines,” he said of the school board’s lack of interest on the outrage from the parents, even scolding them when they clapped or booed.

And to add even more disturbing details to the story, Smith explained how he was misled about how the boy who assaulted his daughter was being monitored and was told to “stay quiet” about the case. Meanwhile, the attacker was allowed to rape again.


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