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Toobin on Trump Possibly Ordering DOJ to Investigate Clinton and Comey: 'This is What Happens in Authoritarian Countries'


During Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer, a discussion ensued about a New York Times report that President Trump wanted the Department of Justice to look into prosecuting Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Former FBI Director James Comey. The article did not even mention that President Trump never made such an order until the sixth paragraph. Nonetheless, the media still went into meltdown mode. CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin warned of creeping fascism, saying “this is what happens in authoritarian countries...The President, the leader orders the investigation and prosecution of his political enemies,” without even bothering to mention that strong evidence exists that crimes have been committed. Comey laid out a very strong case for prosecuting Clinton before ultimately deciding not to. Toobin went onto complain that “this is his view of any government official. Whether it’s in the FBI or the Justice Department, who doesn’t do his personal bidding. He has absolutely no understanding that the FBI, the Justice Department, the entire U.S. Government, works for the taxpayers, works for defending the Constitution. He thinks they are all his personal servants. And when they don’t do something he wants done, even if there is no legal basis for it, even if it’s a violation of all of our traditions in the legal community, he gets angry.” 

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